which yoyo is better?

Dark magic



how long can dark magic "spin"???
Also~how long can speeder "spin"????

There is no “better” yoyo really. State your preferences(if you have any). If not, since your favourite yoyo is speedmaker, I would recommend the speeder, since its shape is similar to the speedmaker. If you want to try a new shape, I would recommend the Dark Magic.
As for the spin times, it really depends on your throw. But if you are asking which one has longer sleep times, I would think a speeder, since it has more concentrated rim weight.

The best yoyo is the one you like best. Try to figure that out, they are very different and you are likely to hold one higher than the other.

if you like fast tricks like mickey does then the speeder is for you. if you like complicated tricks then the dark magic is for you

in fact ,i love to play 1A than 4A,since it is a bit easier to handle.
i played yo-yo for a short period ,so i cannot play fast as mickey.Also ,i play quite show~;D
i am going to reach the"MASTER" level in this website.
Hope you guys can give me a nice suggestion for buying a new yo-yo :stuck_out_tongue:


No yo-yo is better than the other. Spin times depend on your throw, it is different for everyone. Both the DM and the Speeder are very good yo-yo’s.

If you really like your speedmaker, get a speeder. Dark magics are almost 1½ the width of a speedmaker. If you’re used to the speedmaker, a narrow yoyo, you probably will have a hard time getting used the the dark magic, which is a really fat yoyo.

     Bi Metal - Plastic

Light: Speeder - Speed Maker
Heavy: DM - Legacy

That is all about preference, but I really prefer a heavier throw so I go to the DM (incredible smoth, but you cannot go wrong whit any of these).