Which one is better:DM,HM,or speeder

Which yoyo is better for tricks like split the atom and trapeze?

Well all those yoyos are great for string tricks. The DM is really wide and is great for thumb grinds(sticking your thumb on the inside lip and letting it spin there for a few seconds) if you want to do thumb grinds then you defiantly need it. The HM is made for grinds (where you basically walk the yoyo on your body somewhere) if you want to grind that one is great. And the speeder is really fast so if you want to move your yoyo with a lot of speed that the one for you. In a good yoers hands its like a blur. For the most I recommend the DarkMagic. It has a really good spin time (and an even better spin with a kk bearing). also its got the rims on it that pull it around so it spins longer. it also plays really well for 5a tricks. later and remember keep it spinning.

Yes, the DM is probably the best.

you should get the dark magic ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley:
But, if not, get the speeder :stuck_out_tongue: ;D :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: ;D :smiley:

Go with the DM, just dont ever over tighten it…like i did, now im waiting for a replacement under warranty.

I have a Dark Magic and i love it. My friend has a Hitman and its cool and has pretty good spin time, but its just no comparison to the DM. So go with the DM. And if i were you i would go with either black or Red because i have a white and its just not that amazing looking

the white one is not that impressive looking but it peroforms like a champ!

u sinner

Well i personally think the Speeder is the best out of the three, had a friend pull it right out the box and sleep it of 1 minute and a HALF. Pretty sweet to say the least. But the dark magic isnt half bad either both easily beat the HM.

That friend was me and the speeder is dominate. Go with it. If not the DM it is good too but the speeder just flys!

Its personal preference, all great yo-yos.

Try Speeder,its a quickest yoyo.And you should get DM,its best for you


-Max =]