Which one is better:DM,HM,or speeder

(Ryan) #1

Hi i want to know which yoyos(HM,Dm, speeder)are good for tricks like split the atom and trapeze


I have used all three kinds: DM, HM, and speeder. I own a speeder and i have a friend that owns a DM and another friend that uses a HM. Just so you do know i used the DM before i ever used the speeder. I thought the DM felt very balanced, but it just seemed big and bulky. After looking around for a few weeks i decided to purchase my speeder. I loved it. It was smaller and more compact that the DM. It definitely lives up to its name with is quick play. The HM is just to small. It doesnt feel quit right. Overall I think that you could get any of the three would be good. But the speeder if perfect for my play.


It depends what you like, heavy/bulky, small/light, or just in the middle


Its about personal preference. I know you didn’t want to here that but, thats what it is. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

(Ryan) #5

i like the yoyo dat is smooth n fits right in your hands


Between those three (DM, HM, and speeder) I would say the Hitman feels smoothest in your hand. Havn’t tried the hybrid hitman, but for a beginner double O-rings is probably the best choise.


I agree with Zavod on the HM being the smoothest in your hand. If you go with the HM make sure you choose very carefully if you want hybrid or double o-ring. Hybrid is less resposive but allows for less friction on sting tricks. The double o-ring returns like a champ when you bind it. Depends on your play. I still say speeder tho! It fits in your hand pretty good too. The DM, however, just feels big in your hand so its probably not for you.