hitman or speeder.

Hello guys. iv been thinking about the next yo I’m gonna get and id like to see benefits and bad things of each one from a personal users view. So the question, which yo should i get, Speeder or hitman? thanks for any posts and remember keep it spinning.

well lad, i just ordered a hitman today with shims and silicone pads from andre ill tell when it gets here, i read some reviews that say the hitman = amazing if that helps just tell me if not im sorry :slight_smile:

dual o-ring hitman, get it sillied.

The quality is the same. It just comes down to which shape you like the feel of. Do you have a Lyn or a SpeedMaker? They’re the same two shapes.

Both are excellent yo-yos.
I personally would recommend the Hitman - I think it is a yo-yo that should be in everyone’s collection. But the Speeder is a great choice too. :slight_smile:

speeder all the way my friend has a hitman and it the metal feels disproportionet to the yoyo and it does not sleep as well :’(

I personally love the feel of the hitman. Great for string tricks that require a long-sleeping yoyo.


necro by now he probably has way better ones