My bother is thinking about buying a speeder. Is it worth the 40 dollars, and if anyone has any extra info, it would be very helpful. He cant decide if he should spend 40 dollars on a yo-yo he dosent know anything about.

Personally, I think the speeder is a bit underrated. What turns off alot of people is the shape, it is a little strange. I was madly in love with its plastic brother, the Speedmaker, which is also a very good player. However, if he is going to go into that $40 range with a yoyojam, I don’t recommend the speeder. A dual O-ring hitman is certainly a better player for someone still progressing their skills, the speeder doesn’t have similar qualities. The Hitman or Dark Magic would be better suited for him, in my opinion.

It really depends though on what he likes. If he is a fan of the kind of shape and size of the speeder, then go for it, by all means. What other yoyo does he own, if any? What does he like or dislike about it? Looking at that will give us the best decision for him.

i agree with Xdohl on this one. I think that a Hitman or Dark Magic would fit his preference. For just 2 dollars more, the Xconvict is also a good buy. :slight_smile: