Is this worth it?

A speeder for $20, but the speeder’s rims are pretty beat.

They’re pretty solid players. Get it!

You could always sand the rims. I did it on my DM recently with steel wool and WOAH it is amazing. If you do sand, do it evenly. Negotiate, see if you can get it for less if you feel. If you want this yo-yo, then get it.

Hmmm… If you are really into the feel of the Dark Magic, don’t expect the Speeder to play like it.
The Speeder is built for faster play, so it doesn’t spin quite as long.

I got a Speeder as my first, and is probably still my favorite yoyo. I have a DV888 now, but somethings wrong with it,so it wont bind. I think it might be my KonKave or response, oh well. But any way, i think you will love the speeder, even though it may get kind of loud, its perfectly fine. And for $20 thats still i good deal, and SR is right just sand it down for a newer look if you want. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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The Speeder spins way longer than the Dark Magic, due to its concentrated rim weight. I tried measuring the sleep time with my throw and the Speeder spins longer than the Dark Magic.

There are many things that would have been able to make your Speeder spin longer. Bearing, set-up, etc.

Bottom line is, both spin longer than you need them to.

Spend the extra $20 bucks and get a knew one