I am planning to get myself a YoYoJam SPEEDER so as I want to ask you guys to tell me some PROS and CONS about it. Is it good for general yoyoing tricks?

The speeder can handle anything you throw at it. Might I suggest a different throw though? If you want a YYJ by-metal then I’d suggest the SR-71 or hitman pro. Much better yoyo’s.

I watched on the internet about SR-71 but I don’t see which response does it have, is it Hybrid (O-ring + starburst)?

The SR-71 uses a silicone pad response. Here is a review of it also if you haven’t read it already: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=5710 And also, the Speeder is supposedly being redesigned like the Hitman/Hitman Pro or Dark Magic/Dark Magic 2. :slight_smile:

So, what you wanted to say…definitely go for SR-71 and leave speeder for later when it gets modded? are the 2 silicone o rings as on sr-71 better response system than hybrid as on a speeder? is it stronger response or?

The silicone is much better response. It’s more of a professional grade. The hybrid also I found wears strings down a little quicker. Deffinently go for the SR-71

Personally, Speeder has been my favourite throw for about 4 years, but I still wouldn’t recommend it over some of YYJs other yoyos.

The Speeder has quite a distinctive feel and play characteristics, which I love, but many others dont:

  1. It is a very fast player - if I havent played one in a while and then pick it up, I am always amazed at how quickly it zips through the air and it takes me a few minutes to adjust and get used to the speed (its not called “Speeder” for nothing!).

  2. Many people struggle with hybrid response. Personally, I love it, but it can be snaggy (good for suicides though), and if you are fairly new to yoyoing, I would rather get something that has a smoother/recessed response.

I think it’s a great yo-yo to have in your collection, if you want to try a yoyo that is a little different to everything else, its a great addition to a collection, but if you are fairly new and only have a couple of yoyos, I would rather recommend something like the DMII, Hitman Pro, etc. which I think most people would find more comfortable to throw.

ok so i’m a little bit confused now, here is the situation.

I play with yoyo for about 1 month when my brother bought me Duncan Flying squirrel. I think that flying squirrel is very good yoyo for that much money (9 $). With flying squirrel i just finished intermediate level of playing, as I said FS served me very well but now im missing longer sleeping time, FS sleeper lasts for about 30 sec, am i right?
Anyway here is what im searching for - a yoyo that has long sleep time, fast spinning, is on my level of playing and has strong response system as Flying Squirrel has but I dont want friction stickers anymore, I want something more durable but strong for response enough for my playing level…sry guys for bothering but I’m from Croatia so I have to order from USA and it costs me a lot for shipping so i don t want to get screwed because i cant try any yoyo…tnx in advance

You are right, Flying Squirrel is a very good yoyo to start learning on - but yes, you will get to a point where you want something that is more stable and spins a bit longer.

When you say it must have strong response, what do you mean? Do you mean you want a yoyo that will come up quite easily (with a tug), or a yoyo that will stay down and need a bind to come back to your hand?

I live in South Africa, so I havent tried very many yoyos, but maybe a yoyo like a YYF Velocity would suit you. It is a stable, long spinning yoyo, but you can adjust the response, making it stick out for beginner/intermediate tricks, or making the response go down so that you can do super advanced tricks.

In your situation, I think this would be ideal - that way you will have a yoyo that will grow with you as your skill improves, so you dont have to keep buying another yoyo (and pay for international shipping all the time) when your skill gets better.

The Velocity takes silicone stickers - these work a lot like friction stickers, but they last much, much longer - so you won’t have to replace the sticker all the time when they wear out.

Hopefully someone else can also give you some more advice on something that will suit you.

If you’d like adjustable, then go with the Speed Dial, its aluminum, so it’ll stay in your “favorite throw” list longer

yes I took a look. Its pretty cool yoyo, but I’m a little bit sceptical because it had only starbust as response system :S

SR-71. Silicone pads, great response. Long spinning, advanced yoyo, just perfect for your current progressing skill level. No starburst.

If not, Speed Dial. I don’t think you will grind (do you?) so the speed dial will be great. A great aluminum yoyo because of it’s material, brings you to a whole other class than Velocity. Speed Dial is kinda like a upgraded Velocity.

speeder is good, it spins long, but I would suggest a hitman pro over it. I havent tried an sr71 before, but by the looks of it, It seems better than the speeder. speeder feels awkard in the hand (for me atleast) and the weight is kinda weird for may taste.

My opinion I would go with the SR71 because it seems the vast majority says it is the best choice, and ive only heard good things about it. so put on hardline and get one :stuck_out_tongue:

@ skeletonboy333

No, I don’t grind yet. I said that im sceptic about speed dial because it has starburst system. So now I think about getting SR-71 od Speed Dial…again confused :slight_smile:

Well you said it, no Speed Dial, then SR-71.

well the starburst is there because its adjustable so it can be unresponsive but i would say get a sr 71