YoYo for My Brother

My brother wants a new yoyo- but can’t decide between a Speeder or X-ConVict. I already have a Dark Magic. Which out of the two do you guys think is best for an intermediate player? Thanks!

Well, if hes intermediate then I would get him a MiniMoTrixx or MiniMoTu. But if you want to get him one of those then thats tough.

If you get him a X-ConVict you will quickly become jealous as that yoyo ROCKS!

If you get him Speeder then you will have NOTHING to be jealous of.

I’d get him a X-ConVict. The Speeder is really prone to cracking from what ive heard and seen. The X-ConVict is great. Smooth and a great overall yoyo. Go for the X-ConVict.

I think if you read that and think about it then you can pick.

I’ll start this one off with two questions. Does he know how to bind? And how does it matter that you have a Dark Magic?

Now to the real post. This site has a signature saying. When you’ve gotten to know people here, you will probably say it too. Now to the signature: “It’s all preference, buy the yoyo you want the most”.

Now to the yoyos. The Speeder and the X-ConVict is two very different yoyos. Their metal-rim measures are two separate ends of the same scale. The speeder has very narrow bronze rims, while the X-ConVict has really fat/wide aluminum rims. The Speeder is also lighter and narrower than the
X-ConVict. And another thing to point out is that they use two different response types. The Speeder use YYJ’s known hybrid response system, while the X-ConVict uses double O-ring. And to point out what Connor said, the Speeder has the possibility of cracks.

Again, to point out what Connor said, it is also a lot of other good YYJ metal-rimmed ones out there. Mo-Tu, Mo-Trix or Hitman. Just to name a few.

To round off, I think your brother will be happy whatever yoyo the decision falls on. They are all good. And remember, no yoyo is better than the other, just different.

Yeah just go with the one that YOU think would be best, because I want a speeder sooo bad but people are telling me to get a dm…im gettin the speeder anyways, i love the shapes of them lol

Also, If he likes speed, I would get the Speeder. Tip: (I own one but for some reason it seems a “hollow”) But it does play good. I don’t know about the X-Con but if he like grinding, I would get the X-ConVict.

x-con def.

well I would get him a DM
if u really dont want to get another DM then maybe an m1 for 10 bucks more
out of those two I would persenolly prefer a x-convict
I HATE speeders but thats just my opinion
just one questions though:
what yoyo does he have now?

like gm user said, what yoyo does he have now? that sort of depends on what yoyo he’s ready 2 get. i’d get an x-convict because it would last longer.

I dont understand how you could justify one lasting longer then the other.

If he is just starting, and wants a metal-rimmed YoYoJam, simply ask him this:
Does he want a larger yoyo? If so, Dark Magic
Or does he want a smaller yoyo? If so, X-Convict

I think size is one of the most important things that are necessary when choosing yoyos is size, among other things. If possible, take a look at this thread and see if he can answer the questions it pertains. If he cannot, simply ask him the questions stated above to be able to decide. Here is the thread:

Well, I showed him this thread and he ultimately decided he really didn’t like either, so he went with a Black Knight because he likes the hamburger-like roundish shape. I kinda like it too, so I’m happy.
By the way, it’s $39.10 at Amazon- as of now only 2 left.

here’s the link:

I hope it comes, this is the only place I’ve found it.

If he likes a round shape, he might enjoy a Hitman also, but if you already got a Black Knight, I’m sure that’ll be a good choice, too.