Name your throw


If you could have any company make you a signature throw who would you pick and what would you name the YoYo?


There was kind of another thread like this but I would pick CLYW and my yoyo would be “the Cloud” cause it would be so floaty lol


Mine would be the Cracker, no doubt. Graeme Steller should totally have used that, but he didn’t so it’s mine.


The one drop Valence, i heard it in my science class and i thought it was pretty cool…


OnedropxYYF 888se. Its exactly what it sounds like.



Not by chauvinism in any way, just that I have imagined this yoyo, its look, its colorway, even the font in which the name would appear, while listening to the eponymous Visual Kei band.


CLYW Graupel


I would name my Yoyo the
fiber X

There was a funny story about it too basically there is a kid in my grade called connor and he always wanted to try my Yoyo. So one day he came up with this story on how he ordered a Yoyo called The fiber X and he was waiting for it. Both of us knew it was never coming so he kept saying how it was “lost in the mail” or it was “bein made out of Japan out of the finest aluminum” for about 3 months so he could have an excuse to use my Yoyo.

What would you name your signature yoyo?

The One Drop Finish. It would be able to compete with the cascade. and leave your dishes sparkling


Zuma Beach




Bead Blasted
Jason Wong Rainbow ano
KK bearing


Either the Vanguard or the Innov8

(velez_adrian) #13

Square Wheels X CLYW (it would have no name). It would be like a chief and a Rockefeller combined.


(insert brand name here) Muscularity. Lets face it, I’ve been working out.


The Dissonance.

My first name starts with a D and I plan on studying, and love, music. So I beleive it fits.

(velez_adrian) #16

Oh oh oh, now I got a name. The doughsant.




I would name my yoyo Leroy Brown because he is the baddest man in the whole darn town. The company who produces this yoyo would be any one of them manly enough to make such a yoyo.


We have to make this throw XD


I know it would be so random and cool!111!!!1