The Name Game (Name That Throw)

Okay, the last game was fun, so I thought of another one. It’s called “Name That Throw.”

Anyone can post some clues in here, not just me. The rules are to think of a yo-yo, post at least three clues about the yo-yo, and leave it up to others to guess what yo-yo you are discussing.

If you post clues in here, just kindly come back within a reasonable time after a few have tried to guess, so that we can get the real answer.

If you answer, and you can link to a photo of the throw, that would be awesome, as it keeps the thread looking nice, but if you cannot…no worries.

Please do not make the clues extremely difficult, as it might take the fun out of the game. Just keep the level of difficulty appropriate for the “majority.” We don’t mind a challenge here and there though.

One yo-yo should be in play at a time. Hold your clues until the last yo-yo answer is confirmed by the clue giver. But, if you are reasonably certain the guess is correct…continue on.

I’ll start.

  1. I am a yo-yo with a mostly organic shape and somewhat flat rims.
  2. I am an Augie Fash signature yo-yo
  3. My name indicates that I am “in charge,” or exercise authority.

What yo-yo am I?

You’re a boss, mate

My name is a letter
I was made by the current world champ
I’m made of delrin and play very fast.

Correct a Boss.

Are you a V?

Indeed I am :slight_smile:


  1. I am the signature of a 2013 California State Champion
  2. I am bigger, but have an undersized little brother I call “Funk” for short.
  3. I am H shaped
  4. There is an initial in my name, and that of my little brother.
  5. I was born in a factory.

What yo-yo am I?

YYF Super G!

lol,“born in a factory”
ummm,i suck at clues XD
1.i am a collab (made by two diffferent brands)
2. i can use side effects
3.i was made in just 4 days
4. i am an awesome throw!!!

^ Correct. A Super G.

Are you a Summit?

  1. I am made of Titanium
  2. My twin is identical, except he is made of aluminum instead.
  3. I was born before my twin
  4. There are 3 characters in my name.

What yo-yo am I?

3y03 TI5

I was a production mistake
my sister throws oppose a man named Isaac
I am a fan of Micheal Jackson

Correct on the Ti5. That was a challenge. I’ll need this one confirmed before we move on. Are you a Moonwalker? :-\


Awesome ;D I like a bit of a challenge thrown in here and there too.

  1. I was born last year, in Canada.
  2. I have a Spanish Name.
  3. I have spikes with little holes in them.
  4. I have flat rims.
  5. I am available in basically the colors red, black, brown and grey.

What yo-yo am I?

spyy pistolero

Close…it was El Ranchero.

Best clue to differentiate was the year of release, and the colors. I believe Pistolero had a blue one in the mix. Good guess though. Here’s another:

  1. I was born in California;
  2. The third child (release) born of my company.
  3. I am an undersized organic…
  4. who sometimes gets B grades in school, but once in a while I get in trouble for being a complete Bada$$.

What yo-yo am I?

Are you a hattrick?

U shaped I am indeed
At first I’m strange, then cool
First born child of confetti
The colorways will make you drool

What am I?


I’m still thinking on the clues. :wink:

Do you need another stanza?

Are you an Evil Yo?

I was thinking of a Confetti colorway. Was the Chief the first confetti? I’ll guess Chief. :-\

Oops, he said U shaped though…


Far over the misty mountain cold
Too dungeons deep, and caverns old
An organic bird flew to Mordor
4 times X equals 16

Werrd 4xl?