The Name Game (Name That Throw)


^ I don’t have a clue. It’s been a few hours…no one can guess it, so you can reveal the answer now.

I sat there thinking forever, all I can think of is a blue mountain majesty maybe.

That’s a pretty good guess I’d say…hmmm.

Is it the One Drop 44?

I’m going to move the game along. Perhaps we should keep the clues fact based so the game moves along on it’s own. If the clues are too obscure, while they might be clever, it will stall the game. We just want someone to be bound to get it if they think about it a minute or two. It will help things flow a bit better. I’ll go easy for the next one:

For example:

  1. I am a second generation signature yo-yo;
  2. …of a contest judge; and
  3. …there is usually a roman numeral on my face;
  4. I am popular…everyone knows me, especially beginners.

What yo-yo am I?

The Dark Magic II

Correct! DMII

  1. My name is an acronym of sorts; but
  2. My name is also a word, that stands for something of a high degree of temperature;
  3. I was born among a collection of champions.

What yo-yo am I?

FYI mine was the Albatross

Ah…sorry Wildcat…went over our heads I guess. :-\ That’s okay. :wink:

The YYF H.O.T.

Correct it is a H.O.T.

I’ll see if anyone else wants a go, if not…I’ll post another in a bit.

  1. My brother is releasing very soon
  2. I’m considered a pretty angry guy
  3. YYE helped pick out one of my colorways



  1. I don’t jump through hoops to satisfy you, I jump through triangles!
  2. While I like traveling the world, my home is Hong Kong.
  3. I am the signature model for a 3A star, but many enjoy me for 1A as well.

A Trident?

I’m not your average bird; I’m a “hoot!”
Others want to be"Watanabe" me
The family tree I “hatched” from dates back to 1929.