****** Giveaway Contest #2 ******* Guess these throws *********

Ok everyone. I ran a contest a while back and it was a ton of fun. Time to do it again.

Rules: Name each yoyo. Company, Model, Colorway. That’s it!!!

1st one to guess them correctly get’s a special gift!! Easy right???

All submissions must be PM’d to me with the subject: mgiroux77 giveaway contest

Here is the pic:

ohoh…can I play?

Ummmmm Sure… Why not!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know everything besides the wooden yoyos so no point in my attempting haha

about the colourway, if it doesn’t have a name, would you say, for example, red with black splash?

Yes that works!!! Most do have an official name

same here.

Whelp, I’ll do my best then :smiley:

Stoked for this.

just entered. let’s see if I can defend the “title”. ;D :wink:

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If we send it to you, and something’s not right, will you tell us which yoyo is not right so we can try to fix it? or will you just tell us that we are wrong.

I could but we have a winner!!!

yoyokid8 got it!!! here are his selections:

Hildy Brothers Regap
SPYY Flying V - Half Red/Half Black
SPYY Speed Freak - Half Red/Half Orange
American Classic Wood Yoyo
Yoyojam DiamondBack - Worlds Edition
One Drop Code 2 - Mutant Mash/Joker’s Wildcard
CLYW Chief - Berry Berry
CLYW Chief - Zip Zop
Yoyomonster Konig - Purple
Yoyomonster Basileus - Gold
Yoyojam Classic - Half Purple with Green Caps/Half Green with Purple Caps
One Drop Dingo - Mutant Mash/Joker’s Wildcard
One Drop Y Factor - Green Haze
One Drop X Clyw Summit - Joker’s Wildcard
CLYW Comeback Avalanche - Enraged Hulk Smash (Jason Wong Anodized)
One Drop Rally - Spring Rain
Turning Point RT - Light Blue with Dark Blue Acid Wash
Yoyojam Classic - Half Purple with Green Caps/Half Green with Purple Caps
One Drop Cascade - Mutant Mash/Joker’s Wildcard
One Drop Format :C - Purple
CLYW BvM Round 2 - Zip Zop
Spin Dynamics Flow - Purple
YoyoRecreation Sleipnir - Silver
C3yoyodesign Speedaholic - Blue
Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-1 - Wood Colored?
Tom Kuhn No Jive - Optic Star edition

What’s he getting?

He is going to post a pic here when he gets his package!!! I am shipping to him on Monday!!! Luck kid!!!

What??? Come on Andrew at least give us a day to TRY XD

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He’s a beast that kid!!!

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hehe… :smiley:

You’re kidding me… :smiley:

Ironically I just about only know the wooden yoyos with a few exceptions

The Hildy Bros Currier Regap Edition is a sweet find.

We’re you at Ks States or did you buy one from Blake afterward?

I actually got that yoyo from Ed… I love it!!