Mgiroux77 Collection Contest UPDATE Winner Yoyokid8

Mgiroux77 Collection Contest

Guess my collection, I need you to guess the make, model, and colorway of each yo-yo in my collection. PM your entry with the subject title, “guess mgiroux77’s collection.” Do not post entries in the thread. The first to comply with the rules and guess all the throws/colorways wins. I will post in the thread when a winner has been selected.

No international shipping, prize shipped to the USA only.

The deadline will be tomorrow night at 8pm EST March 11th

YYE members not registered since July 1, 2012, will be disqualified.

Winner takes all… A surprise prize package will be mailed to the winner by Saturday, March 16, 2013.

This is not meant to be super hard but there are a few that may be difficult…

Best of luck!!!


And I know the prizes too. ;D But that means I am disqualified. :stuck_out_tongue: Cool contest…I wonder who will get the job done, and how fast they can do it.

I managed to figure out 4 before I realized I couldn’t participate because I haven’t been her long enough…

Has anyone won yet?

Why is the July 1st 2012 thing a rule?? I joined November :c

@Mr. Yoyoguy…he hasn’t announced a winner, so you can still place an entry.

@Roystbeef…When I do contests, I usually make it a rule that someone has to be a member for a certain period. The reason why is that there should be a benefit of being around on the forum awhile. There will be plenty of contests, this is one of many, and you will have a chance to participate in other ones. Some people join the forum, stay a bit, win a prize and leave never to be heard from again. Just a benefit of people sticking around for awhile, I’m sure. So, stick around, and you will soon be one of the people eligible. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Good luck to the participants then!

Well, half the colourway answers will be Hulk Smash. Alas, not living in the US so I can’t participate but it’s a fun little competition =)


So we have a winner that is yoyokid8…  Nice work Andrew!!!

To everyone who sent in a PM THANK YOU!!!  This was fun!!!

Here was his winning PM:

  1. One Drop Dietz-Larkspur
  2. One Drop Code 2-Mutant Mash
  3. General Yo KLR- Half Purple/Half Silver
  4. CLYW Arctic Circle-Hulk Smash
  5. CLYW Canvas-Hulk Smash
  6. One Drop 54-Vendetta ano’d blue/green acid wash with purple splash
  7. DEADLY SpINS Wrath- Pink/Purple acid wash w/ green splash
  8. CLYW Chief- Berry Berry
  9. CLYW Chief- Hulk Smash Fade
  10. CLYW Gnarwhal- Hulk Smash
  11. One Drop Y Factor- Green Haze (I know you like to call it purple haze, though.  )
  12. One Drop Cascade- Mutant Mash
  13. General Yo Model 10- Clear
  14. CLYW Puffin- Hulk Smash
  15. CLYW Comeback Avalanche- Hulk Smash

Congratulations Andrew!! :o Nice job… Surprise package coming your way later this week. PM mgiroux77 a mailing address…very cool!!!

I was so freakin close. 1 or two off only.

Congrats Andrew!

Yay! I won!
I will be posting pics of the package when it gets here. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I missed 1. Thought that Chief was a Dragon. So close.

You were next in line!! You were the only one to have only 1 wrong!!

I missed the colorways for the larkspur dietz and the winsauce 54.

Nicely done guys!


So close

CRAP how did I not see this earlier this is like the easiest thing ever hahahaha

Anybody got any clues on what’s in the package?? I’m SOOOOOO anxious.

I know what’s in there, but I cannot ruin the surprise. Hmmm…if I were to use one word to describe your surprise, it would be “variety.” If I received it, I would be stoked. :wink: