Leather Holder Contest#2 -YoMagic Wins, SR placed second!!

I’m going to post the video, in this thread, for this contest at 9:00pm EST, to give most people the chance to participate after work.

The contest rules are:

1.  Watch the video.
2.  Name all the yo-yos in the video.
3.  The first person to PM me with the name of the each yo-yo and the company that made it, wins the contest. 
4.  Do not post your entry in the thread…because people will just steal your answers. 
5.  You are only allowed one entry.

The prize is a $25 gift certificate to YYE.

You will be disqualified if you are found to be making entries from multiple usernames. You will be disqualified if you are on my “ignore” list, as I cannot receive your PM.  You will be disqualified if you were not registered for the YYE forum prior to the date of this post.  If you submit more than one guess for the same yo-yo, the answer is considered wrong.  If you want confirmation of your entry, simply check the box at the end of your private message that says, “Save a copy in my outbox.”  I will check my box each half hour to see if I have a winner, and I will note the time of each entry to pick the person who sent first.  An email address is required to claim the prize.

Winner takes all!

I expect this contest to start and end tonight…it’s a quickie!  I am giving a heads up, so that people who happen to be logged on when I post the video do not luck out and get the upper hand.  I hope everyone is happy with their prizes from the last contest.

Contest #1 Winners were:

More to come…

Thanks to all for the support…now, it’s time to give back again!  See you at 9.

Oh…and read the thread, you might find a tip or two prior to 9EST.

I’m ready this time!

Lets do this thang!

Every bit of yo-yo money counts. I think I dragged the last one on a bit too long, so I’m going to go all the way to the other end of the spectrum and run a quick one. Good luck guys, the more participation the better. I actually gave out 5 prizes last time because one of the winners was so generous that he forfeited part of his prize to someone else. That was cool.

Another artist contest. I’m so game.

What video?

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I’m going to modify this thread and enter the link tonight at 9pm. If I link it now, everyone logged on now will have more time to view the video. I want to see if we can get a group all on here at the same time at 9pm EST to view the video and compete for the prize. Leather yo-yo holders are involved in the video…that’s one clue for you. :wink: I think this one will be fairly easy for those of you who can recognize a throw quickly on sight. I want to do some contests outside the norm for now.

so in the entry i need to have my email address

No, not necessary, only if you’re the winner, I would eventually need it to send the gift certificate to your email so you can use it right away if you wish. I hope you will participate at 9EST. Thanks.

By the way, you earned a “thank you” for your generosity at the end of the last contest. We should see more of that in life. You’re great. Let’s see if you have a winning streak.

Video posted in one hour. Remember…

Read the rules carefully, list the yo-yo AND company that made it…

One of the yo-yos may not be a wing shape…
There are less than ten yo-yos to name…

First one with a correct, complete entry…wins.

About fifteen minutes to showtime…

The key here is to take your time, because only one entry is allowed per person, BUT…at the same time, you cannot take too long, because someone else may beat you to it. This may not be the only challenge…as every contest must have some challenge. Let’s see who can do it.

Video posted…this link…

Good luck.

Sent it! I think i got at least one wrong lol.

that gold one is a toughie, I think I got it wrong also…

Nah, I got the yellow one on the far right wrong. Just realized I was wrong after I sent the pm lol.

Is there supposed to be sound?

I probably got one wrong as well. The gold one in the middle was quite hard as well as the two farthest right. Well i gave it my best shot

No sound…I’m shy and introverted…and mute :-X Just kidding.

Yup. That gold one was really tough.