Online Contest by MonkeyfingeR Design!! Giving away a Yo-yo

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #1

Yahoo 1250 and counting…Contest TIME!!!

Hi everyone. Are you skilled with a yo yo? So skilled that you think you could land a Blindfolded Spirit Bomb!! Prove it. Post your video no longer than 30 seconds. You have to land your trick and we would like a decent resolution so everyone can enjoy. Tawd and Ray will be the judges on this one. 1.Must use a MFD logo found on our site
2.Must land trick clean
3. one toss one trick that’s it
4. must be blindfolded
5.deadline june1st
6.pass it on!!
and share this
thanks in advance and good luck

You can post your video on the MonkeyfingeR Design Facebook page,

or email it to them.


Before anyone else asks: I don’t think they’re asking you specifically to do Spirit Bomb. That was just an example. :wink:


I am going to do Spirit Bomb.


Just 'Coz.


how bout I pull something more dope than a spirit bomb blindfolded?(coz I cahnt spirit bomb) hahahaa


They confirmed my suspicion on FB: Spirit Bomb was only used as an example. You should be busting out the dopest trick that you’re able to do blindfolded. :smiley:




What’s the prize?


I don’t think they’ve said which model yet, but it will be a yoyo.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #8

Confirmed - Any trick, just has to be blindfolded and follow the instructions.
Prize is to be announced, but every other contest has been for a MFD throw, so it’ll likely be the same.


Ah, my bad-- I thought I had read it would be for a yoyo, but if the prize is unannounced, I shouldn’t have spoken so soon!


well heres mine! originally had the bandana rolled up all the way like a traditional blindfold, but I guess the bridge of my nose is too big cause I could still see out of the bottom, so I pulled it down infront of my face more. this was fun! thanks MonkeyFingerDesign!!!

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #11

Sweet, looks fantastic! Did you email it to or post it on the facebook page? Thats where it needs to go!


Yored, that was awesome! landing that Eli Hop was CLUTCH. celebration at the end was top notch too lol.


no I did not! I should have read more! I will try to email it, but everytime ive tried to email videos it never works!

thanks bro! I was kinda skeptical to post it cause I thought some kid would say I cheated or something cause the bandana wasn’t traditionaly wrapped, but that eli hop proves that I couldn’t peek hahaha. it took me like twelve times to land that combo! thanks bro! hahaha and yea I liked the celebration to hahahaaa


Heres my Entry:


You guys are ill! I have no illusion that I’m going to win with it, but I’m still working on landing a blindfolded Spirit Bomb. I’ve tried over a dozen times now (when I can find a bit of time here and there!) and the one time I landed it, I failed the bind. Not a complete trick until the yoyo’s back in your hand, right? :wink:


All my disclaimers and apologies are in the video description on YouTube, but I’ll copy/paste them here, stating again: man, I wish I had at least gotten that bind even if I couldn’t eliminate all my pauses. :wink:

"MonkeyfingeR Design is having another contest. I’m under no illusions that I will win this one, but the contest description seemed like a perfect excuse for a personal challenge: “Are you skilled with a yo yo? So skilled that you think you could land a Blindfolded Spirit Bomb!! Prove it.”

OK. I’mma prove it. :wink: Really wish I had stuck the first bind, so as to look like an absolute boss. But enough takes went into capturing this that I thought I’d cut my losses.

Before anyone asks: I admit in the video it looks all shadowy under the bottom of the sleeping blind, which might lead one to believe I can sneak a peek. Trust me, I cannot! If anything, I found it uncomfortably tight across my eyeballs."


same with me! I have contacts so i had to blink for several seconds just for them to fit comfortably and be lined up again, darn astigmatism. I shoulda listened to momma bout crossin my eyes haha too much strain for such fragile tissues and muscles such as our ocular devices hahaa. Sammys life tip #1 dont cross your eyes kids! Hahahahaha

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #18

Just a reminder, make sure you email it in or post on the facebook group, this doesn’t count as an entry.


i just deleted my facebook because it is crap, i can email it if my entry was lost, but its on your website so i think it should be straight! Love the site btw!!


Its my birthdayyyyy!! Woohooo! Everyone have a great weekend! Im goin campin all weekend! Me n my best friend gunna be catchin fish ooowww!