Yoyo hostage situation//giveaway. Need input. (Might be controversial)


click back right now if your skin isn’t tough enough to handle yoyo abuse.

I want to do another Give-Away. This time better than any Give-Away I’ve done before, and hopefully one that everyone remembers… or atleast participates.

Here’s what I got so far. I will be holding one (nice) yoyo hostage for a week.
A contest will be posted, nothing easy.
No random winners.
No gaurenteed winners.
If nobody succesfully completes the challenge or wins the contest, the yoyo gets blended/destroyed by me :slight_smile:

Here’s where I need your help. I need help coming up with an idea for the contest… It can’t be a “Best video wins” contest, because that would gaurentee a winner. It can’t be too ridiculously challenging, but must be somewhat challenging. Haaaaaaaalp!


I propose this challenge: Someone has to take out the Pokemon league in emerald with all magikarp. No cheats, gamesharks, or action replays.


or that generation, I don’t have emerald but i have ruby.


That’s fine. You could emulate the game on a pc, but the rules still apply.


or an internet dare like do the cinnamon challenge 3 times in 12 seconds the swallow it all or hot sauce chug love the idea


I was under the impression that he wanted yoyo related challenges… ?


Hasn’t there been deaths due to the cinnamon challenge?


okay eat three yystrings




Doesn’t have to be yoyo related. Just can’t be entirely impossible, but has to be extremely entertaining to both me and the community.

Best idea yet is 1 minute Yoyo freestyle hanging upside down from monkey bars.

(SR) #11

I love that idea haha


Even if the yoyo gets blended, I guarantee we will all be thoroughly entertained and it will be worth it.

I also guarantee that the yoyo will be good enough that lots of folks will want to enter.

No FHZ or plastic this time. We are going High End Metal.


some people are good at yoyoing and some dont have access to monkey bars like me


how about something not related to yoyoing at all or strength or speed


I’ll think about it. But understand, not everyone should be able to win. It won’t be speed or strength based, that would eliminate too many people from trying to win!


i suggest a best video of somebody begging there parents or other people for yoyo money


If it were speed or strength based, i would lose before the contest would be proposed.




the best person to do a sick breath(trick by spencer berry)


to many good yoyoers could