The Z-creative Online Yoyo video contest! And your winner is...

(Zammy Ickler ) #1

Hey guys, Zammy here!

Due to my recent youtube achievements and the Innovator of the year award, I am now holding a online yoyo video contest for a really big prize! So if possible when you are on twitter and facebook please share the news so I can get lots of entries in this. :slight_smile:

The Contest starts now and the Submissions end November 20th. Winner will be decided the first week of December. Remember this!

Here are the rules!


  1. ANY style can be used but realize I am experienced only in 1a, thus more acknowledged in them then others.

  2. Video must be between 1second to 1minute.

  3. Judging will be based on creativity, innovation, smoothness and presentation. Remember this.

  4. Un-sponsored AND sponsored players welcomed!

  5. Only ONE entry submission. Only ONE trick for this.

  6. Upload to your own youtube, vimeo or facebook and send me the link through facebook or my gmail:

  7. There will only be one winner. WINNER TAKES ALL.

The Award:

From Onedrop: A Onedrop Red Cascade!
From Toxic Strings: Six packets of Toxic string- 2 metz, 2 Snakes, 2 dragons!
From YoyoBestbuy: 2 bundles of Kitty string with a bunch of HI-CHEW! From Yoyoexpert:Yoyoexpert Gift Certificate of $20!!

So guys, get on this. Show me what you all got.

Triumph or lose!




(Owen) #3

Zammy rocks!

I’ll be sending a video your way soon!


I’m not creative in any sense of the word, but I just finished my vid. Though I’ll have to wait until Monday so I can upload it at school.


Not sure what to do for this one… Hmm…


SWEET!!! Gonna enter and blow your mind! lol, at least, I’ll try to…


Sweet I will do a video for ma trick confusion or fake out



I’m gonna use my old 60’s wooden yo to do this, for my dog Foxy…So, let’s do this!


Expect an entry from me!

(Zammy Ickler ) #11

Here is the official vlog about the online contest and re-stating the rules/end date so people can get a grasp on it.

…and you can watch me be silly and talk if you wish to partake in that sort of thing.




Did you get my entry??

Not my best trick, but I thought it was cool…

I won’t win but…

you sure a cool person for doing this Zammy!




Ryosuke Iwasawa will win it. Dude’s the king of video contests.


Lol here’s mine:


I will have one up sometime this week or something

(Owen) #17

Mom! Brent stole my orange




I’m out, not talented enough yoyo wise, definitely not smooth enough.

give me a yoyo video contest that isn’t about technique and whatnot, I’ll aim for the title for sure.

still, a great concept, I wish I could be a part of it, but let’s be realistic :wink:


That’s what I thought…

but why not enter.