Z-Creative Trick Entry: Future Shock Flop



Three things

  1. Awesome trick
  2. Awesome shirt!!!
  3. Tutorial please??

  1. Thank you very much!
  2. Thank you again! :slight_smile:
    3.I’ll do one tomorrow after I get back from class since you were nice enough to ask :slight_smile:


ok it looks like the tutorial is going to be put off until I can charge my camera up which is going to take the rest of today and leaves me with no light to work with. So i’ll have one up sometime this week. Sorry and again I really appreciate the kind words!

(Owen) #5

That was really good




Holy smoothness…

That’s awesome!

I hope you win!


Freaking awesome trick. Should have put that in the Werrd Best Banger Contest, would have been a great entry. Love the trick.

Also where is the info on that contest? I haven’t heard about it.


Here you go good sir. :wink:


That was the coolest trick ever


thank you!

funny enough…i actually decided against doing that because I didn’t think I stood a chance against the really great bangers that were already there. So this contest gets this trick instead :slight_smile: