YoyoExpertTutoirals Position Contest/Audition Thingie! Woohoo!

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED. You may however, read through this thread for your own pleasure, for adventure, drama, intrigue, and romance lies within.

Samad and I had a discussion, and we decided that since there was so much interests in our tutorials, and for another reason that cannot be released as of yet, we are going to hold an audition sort of thing. Here’s the scoop:

You upload a 1A tutorial to YouTube. It should explain a trick. Bonus points for difficulty of trick, and extra bonus points for tricks not on YoyoExpert or YoyoExpertTutorials already. Videos will be judged based on video quality, easiness to follow of instruction, angles, and other such things that make tutorials work.

So, you may be wondering a few things. Let me help you.

Must it be 1A? Yes.
If I don’t win, will the video be put on YYET anyway? If it passes our inspection, potentially.
Who is judging? Samad and I.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate! ;D
Can I do a trick I made up myself? Of course!
Does music count? No, but you can include it!
Can I submit more than one? No. One per customer please. However, if you submit one, and decide you want to enter something new, you’re very welcome to doing that. Just PM us the new video and tell us what it is replacing.

Let’s get to more explaining. When your video is shot, edited, and uploaded, you MUST private message it to Samad and myself, and if you’d like, you can post it on this here thread.

The winner will have knowledge of the YYET password on youtube, and have uploading privileges and access to the really cool chat conversations that I have with Samad.

The deadline is June 28, 5:00 PM EST. Videos after this deadline WILL NOT be accepted. The winner will be announced soon after.

Get filming!


Whoohoo! Yay!

Anyway, we ask that you please do not abuse out channel when you have access to it. Please simply upload your video, and sign off :wink:

Hm, interesting…Can I make a tutorial that look like Raytsh in a different trick like no explaination sentences, just showing step by step?

Happy Throwing! =]

What about tricks that are you’re own inventions that people have seen us do and want to do it?

Yes, I think that’s fair.

Happy Throwing! =]

Original tricks are great.

Star, do whatever you’re comfortable with and what you think will make the best video.

I think the reason they haven’t been hyped is because we just watch these great videos!

They are wonderful, yes!

okay, I really want to do this but I am having trouble with frame dropping when capturing and I would like some help with this. I made a post about it in the unrelated disscussion.

Just came up with a trick to do. Now I need to smoothen it out and shoot, HA.

Do it.

I basically just made a trick, does a tut for my own trick count?

Yes it does.

Do you have to be amazing?

Nope, but difficulty of trick will get you good points.

Let’s get some submissions in!

Wow, i think i might send in a tutorial, once i finish making my trick and filming it successfully for the vid contest.

Dang! I have the best trick! No camera though… :frowning:

Two weeks until the deadline!

cant come up wit a good trick :frowning:

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