YoyoMad1001, Yoyoz and YoyoExpert Unique Tutorial contest Contest!

One quick thing, please post your entry in this thread AND in the thread on yoyoz:


So I think I will begin with the prizes and then explain the rules.

[center]1st Etheos and $75 YoyoExpert Gift Certificate

2nd YYJ Destiny and $50 YoyoExpert Gift Certificate

3rd YYJ Revolution and $25 Gift Certificate

Ok, now we have shown you what it is worth, here is what you have to do…

Make a Video Tutorial of your own Unique trick!

The rules:
Must be uploaded to youtube.
Video must enclude the downloadable picture of thefollowing logo’s.
Please enclude all of them - use to download click the iamge and then click view all sizes, then click download - you may chose to flip the photo, please fill free to do so:

Trick must be created by you!

Title must be: Yoyo Tutorial: Name of trick - Name of competitor

Description: http://yoyoexpert.com/ http://www.youtube.com/yoyomad1001 http://www.yoyoz.co.uk/ and any additional information competitor wish’s to enclude.

Must be a 1A trick.

You can have as many entries as you like! But just because you make more than 1 dosen’t mean you will recieve extra credit.

Judges are looking for:
Is it easy to learn from?
Creativity of trick.
Quality of trick.

Andre Boulay (YoyoExpert)
Richie Windsor (Yoyoz)
Sammy Jacobs (Yoyomad1001)

Post your entries in this thread or the YoyoExpert thread.[/center]

If you have any questions or I have missed anything please comment below.

If a Moderator could stick this that would be great ::slight_smile:


Deadline is March 7th

I’ll start working on it :slight_smile:

question… is it alloud to be a combo/trick we created? cause sometimes I can’t tell the difference :stuck_out_tongue: and how many tutorials are we aloud to submit?

It says the answer to that, is HAS to be a trick/combo created by you and it also said you can submit as many tutorials as you like, but it wont necesarilly score u more, just means you can try different styles :wink:

so I might as well try even though I know mine isnt put together well and I am not even close to good, but I will try anyways, It is an easy trick and not hard to learn, Its a basic mount but just a cool way to get into it


Here is my entry! :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D


Hi, ok I have two questions. First of all, when is the end date of the contest? And second, if I win the competition but I want a destiny instead of an etheos, is it possible to change the yoyos and keep the cirtificate as well? Thank you and I will be posting a tut.

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I’m sotra new and I can’t perform every trick, nor do I know if anyone has performed a trick, So how would you know if a combo or trick you put together hasn’t already been done? I have a combo I want to post which involves 3 different tricks put together. Should I post anyway even if someone may already have done this trick somewhere in the world?

The end date is the 7th of March. Also I will discuss that with Richie who is donating the yoyos but I think we should cross that bridge when we come to it.

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Question-when you say it has to be a combo/trick of ours, does that mean we have to make up the trick? Or can I do a tutorial for a trick I learned from watching pros? Like a john ando trick or something

You have to make up the trick :wink:

I had to add one extra rule, please read even if your tutorial is up, it should no make to much of an affect but it makes life a lot easier for the judges. It is the first line when you view the post at the top

Here is my entry: I havent posted on yoyoz yet because I have to be approved by admin.

Wait what? I didn’t understand that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Please post your tutorial in this thread AND in the thread on yoyoz. It will help out the judges. Thanks.

okay cool :slight_smile:

what if i dont have an account on yoyoz

Then you will have to make one… its not very difficult, should take 2mins plus authorisation :wink:

Yoyo Trick Tutorial: “Why Knot” or “Dissappearing Knot” Paul C. (aka PurplePottamus)

Why did you remove it?