YoyoMad1001, Yoyoz and YoyoExpert Unique Tutorial contest Contest!

forgot to add logos to the end of my previously uploaded video; now it has them:)

ok… all u need to do now is post it on yoyoz :wink:


Here is my video for the Yoyoexpert unique trick tutorial contest :slight_smile: i hope i win :smiley:

Thanks for your entries! Please post on yoyoz as well!

When is the deadline for the contest, when will you stop accepting entries?

I have already said in the main post but it is the 7th of March.


http://youtu.be/Ef-70hsDy0M hope i win posted it on the other site too



Nice tricks amigos. You’re making my little “dissappearing knot” trick look pretty meager :smiley:

here’s mine. I’ll post another soon




My entry :slight_smile:
Read the video description please

This would be my entry :] (I switched it due to a slight error that has now been taken care of)


This one feels good.

But Yuji’s sponsored. We’re dead :slight_smile:

Hah, being sponsored doesn’t make me above video contests. I want new yoyos as much as the next guy.

Besides, i’ve seen a couple of nice combos up here :slight_smile:

Here’s my submission. Enjoy!

True :slight_smile: much respect bro

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