YoYoExpert Video Tournament

Okay-Here is the thing that I have been planning for the forum. A YoYoExpert Video Battle Tournament! Unfortunately, due to the fact that I cant offer a prize, here will be no prize >:( Still, the winner of this tournament will be known as the YoYoExpert Champion!

I will categorize you into 2 groups: Beginner, and Advanced. The winner of each will be the champion of there division.

To Compete: You must have a camera. First, enter a short 10-20 second video of you. Also, reply to this thread stating which division you would like to enter. After submitting the video, I will choose which group you will compete in. It may be different then the one you signed up for.

Judging: There will be one judge-Me! I will judge according to these rules: http://www.worldyoyocontest.com/2008worlds/scoring_championship.html
Also, In the
1A ONLY Make sure you read the rules in order to get a better understanding of what I will look for in your freestyle.


How to Participate: As mentioned above, you must have a video camera. If there arent enough participators, I will hold off the contest until we get more people.

How to Preform Your Tricks: I will randomly assign who you will battle with. I will have a ladder of competitors, viewable to the public, so you can see who you are battling. You will have 5 days to upload the video, then PM me the link. I will make a thread wih each video, and the people of YYE will vote for who they think is better. Each video must have a minimum of 3 tricks, and a maximum of 5 tricks. If you go under, or over these limits, you will be prompted to make a new video.

Video: Make sure you have good lighting, and easy string visibility. If not, then you will be prompted to make another video. Make sure you follow these rules.

Once again: If you wish to participate, just leave a comment on this post saying that you would like to partcipate, and what division you would like to partcipate in.

Also, leave a video of you yoyoing, that is 10-20 seconds long. If you already have a video that is longer, and recent, you can post that too.
There are only two divisions, Basic and Advanced. 1A ONLY


Basic: Advanced:
Kim-Lan AKan3a
knobbemoki1 Pasquale
eightpints ccn411
Yojimbo yo_shi
YoYoMan Starscreem88
Steven Dashiznit
Ebinballer xela
yoyodude YoYoDisciple
yoyomaster Pol0
speedmaker1101 Zach6106

Once again, the judging will be done by me, and the people of YYE. I will post a thread with each video, and make a poll. After I am done judging, I will take the votes, and the points, and decide the winner.


For the beginner Division: A MIP Premium Velocity Donated by the kind Dryoyo himself. Also, the Advanced prize will be a surprise, also donated by dryoyo. Check out his hard work at: http://yoyoskills.com/


Battles have started. Check the latest post to see who is battling. There will only be two battle at a time for each skill-level. This way, it will be longer, and funner. Battles will be randomly chosen. No backing out now! Also, your videos must be uploaded on Sunday:

Beginner: Advanced:
____ vs. _____ vs.

Have Fun Throwing and Competing,


I would like to but my new dark magic is commin in like 1 week and no wi only have a FHZ so ill do it when i get my dm.



ill try it if i can figure all the computer stuff out. i have a friend that can help me with that hopefully. man why dont you make a full vid insted of just 3-5 tricks. later.

keep it spinning

It will be easier to judge.

Also, sorry Greg, but we will start when we get enough people.

Anyone else?

Ok, sadly, i can’y use my camera that often so i can’t compete but I can help with something else! ;D
But Great idea! Have told andre this? But i would love to be involved because i cant compete!

um, don’t you think 10-20 seconds is too short? I have one trick that is 13 seconds alone. One suggestion is that you lengthen it to 3-40 seconds long per video or just have people do one trick.

I just want them to do a trick, so I can see whether they are too good for the division that they want to enter. The video they submit isnt for the battle. I will tell you guys who is battling who, when we get more people. So far, I have no one that is competing.

how many divisions can you enter

I guess I’ll join.

Division: Beginner…
Video: I’ll just use my other video. You’ve seen it Samad.

yeah im advanced, are there divisions for 1A 2A 3A 4A and 5A???

advanced or beginner?


lol This looks fun MUAHA! jk

Beginner. I have to say that the advanced people are like pros

ok sweet

I’m in. Might take a while to get it on though.

Advanced division

I would like to participate Samad, and Where can I send my video with my tricks? here or yoyo video section?

Happy Throwing! =]

PS: Samad, that was the same idea as my for YYE!!! :o

Just post a video as a reply to this thread.

Beginner or Advanced?

i have no camra :’(

Well, sorry, but you need a camera to participate.

im going to try and get some filming done this weekend.

So I just need to do one combo for now?