YoYo Battle?

Hey does anyone want to have a yoyo battle. I’ve been yoyoing for a year and 3 months. anyone?

How good are you? I might do it. I have a year in February but I’m not horrible.

My best trick that this site teaches is Yukki Slack,
does that help?

this seems like just what i need to get back into yoyoing… ive stopped for about 3 montsh so im rusty but yea, we doing it over webcam or what?

I was thinkin havin about 3 or 4 people, make a vid, and have people vote in a poll, so ill start a topic and the 3 or 4 that want to be in it post their videos or send it to me and ill post it.


Yeah, let’s get some rules, then maybe I’ll enter.

only 1a?

Between 1 in a half and 2 minutes.
1a only
No throw limit
Has to have music
Does not have to be edited
Does not have to be one long shot, there can be segments.
Be Creative, and have fun.

I’ll join. Is there a deadline?

Ill do it

i’m in, can we have like, semi finals and finals and all that good stuff?

Mista how good are you, and was that you who set Team Metal Aurora?

i created and disbanded it, i don’t know how well you would judge my skills though, i dont have a “Hardest” trick.

You can be in it, its just a fun little thing. Have your videos be ready by November 7 (my b-day!) so that gives you a long time to prepare a vid. Ill post something on this topic saying i started the new one. Have fun!

People in it:
Me (YoYoAddict)

P.s. More people can join because i kniw some people were thinking about it (deadline will be end of week on friday)

I might join. I will probably get my butt kicked though ;D

my entry, not as good as I would’ve hoped, I put the camera on a fence instead of a tripod, so I couldn’t lay on my back while doing horizontals… :’( Pretty un-smooth because I had to rush-shoot this vid.

yeah, im not entering  ;D

Is that your battle entry aleady? You have a while, so you can get the best takes on your tricks.
(your pretty good, this will be interesting, i just got a better camera, cant wait to see how it records yoyo vids)

p.s. For your vid entries upload them to whatever you upload them to, and sent me the link and ill put it in the poll.

Indeed it will. Awesome vid!