Samad & Ibanezcollector Present "THE BATTLE ROYALE" Contestants are in...


Ok Samad and I have been meaning to battle for a while and its just never happened. But we decided to host a little friendly battle royale. I will pull some strings and get a prize for the winner, not sure of what but it will be a new yoyo.


This will be a 6 person battle.
Three 1A Throws with the video being under 2 mins.
Contestants have to be throwing for a YEAR OR LESS
VIDEO EDITING wont be judged so no need to make it fancy.

Each round the person with the least amount of votes is out of the competition and the other finalists will move on to the next round. We will let the polls run for a week for each round.

Prize will be a yoyo, not sure which or by who but I will get us a prize. Winner will be responsible for shipping of said yoyo. US Contestants $5 via UPS with tracking. Contestants overseas will be a one on one situation and we will figure out shipping at that point.

JM, Poser – No Sir

FOR ALL CONTESTANTS… We want this to be your best… First Video is due… SEPT. 19th this gives you 2 weeks to get your best tricks on film



(Shisaki) #3



doh, noticed the reqs, you guys have fun.

(SR) #5

Cool idea. I wish I could participate… my computer stinks and won’t recognize my stupid cameras.


I’ll join if I can post my vid in a week.


your in…


you will have more then that to work on a vid let me know ill put you in

(JM) #9

I’m in if its not to late.

(Shisaki) #10

Prepare for some old schools servage on a hot buttered up plate Jason :stuck_out_tongue:


needs more skills…


Your in…


I’m in

Happy Throwing! =]

(Chris Allen) #14

Apparently I am too old?

lol, Kidding, have fun everyone


How long have you been throwing?


About a year like you. Since in March.

Am I in?

Happy Throwing! =]


Wouldn’t that be about a year and a half?

I don’t know, but if a spot is still available, I’ll join.


Samad started yoyoing in June 2008, and that would be a year 1/4. So, I’m not sure if that would be fair.

Happy Throwing! =]


Starscreem88 is in… And we got the 6…



For the 6 contestants your first video is due in 2 weeks from right now Sept. 19th… Only send me your link in a PM on the 19th… If you send it before the 19th there will be no re-do’s.

So basically make your vid count. If you enter it there is no retakes or anything once entered its your entry.