A Battle for us "Newer" guys and gals

Current Roster for Battle for September 5th 2011:

1.) TMCertified
2.) Lukedude43
3.) DByoyoer
4.) Sgt1yoyo1
5.) Kipp556
6.) Gmana
7.) Danishsauce
8.) Hadoq
9.) Nicholi2789
10.) Dynikus
11.) Swatnoodle
12.) Hakysak

I was chatting in another thread about a “noob” battle only to find out that the person isn’t really a noob just thinks he is because he hasn’t won a competition yet lol so I decided to start a truly “noob” battle just for fun. Here are the rules:

1 Minute raw (no editing) video of beginning, intermediate, and advanced tricks only. Please refer to the Learn button on yoyoexpert.com for details. You are welcome to combine tricks from this list into one trick. (In other words you do not have to throw, trick, bind, throw, trick, bind, unless you choose to) You may also make up your own tricks or use your own tricks, as long as they fall into the level of skill required for beginner, intermediate, or advanced tricks.

You will also need to put your name, age, and how long you have been throwing. This will go into consideration when the community votes on the winner. The community will look at all of the videos and then put them in order of 1 through X (X being the number of contestants we have) We will then calculate the rankings of all of the community and decide a winner from that. The winner of the battle will then be able to choose the next challenge. Example, 2a battle, ladder battle, ect. However, it must be a challenge for the beginner skill level. This battle is designed for those who have not competed in contests and/or new to yo-yoing and have not mastered expert and master tricks yet.

Please message me if you would like to be in the contest. Videos must be submitted by youtube link to my message box by 7PM Eastern Time on September 5th (Labor Day) They will then be posted in a new thread for those to begin watching and voting. Thanks for your interest!

this sounds fun! ive only been yoyoing for 9 months and i havnt competed. except i can do the expert and master level tricks from this site. so do i still qualify?

great to do this


How about grading on a curve: Have the video state how long they’ve been throwing and their age.

I don’t think set to music is realistic. Set to music suggests some sort of synchronization or having been done in an attempt to work with the music. Having a background bed would be nice. Personally, I feel at this level it would be optional. I don’t work to any music, but that doesn’t mean others don’t.

As far as my noob status: ALMOST 4 months now. No intentions to compete.

Did the FOH guy just say he doesn’t set anything to music? Wow :slight_smile: Just playing.

That is fine, no music necessary. But encouraged how is that? :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the grading scale based on age and experience and so forth. So me being 30 does that give me an advantage or disadvantage lol. I got my first yoyo a little over a year ago but actively doing it and learning tricks and stuff probably four months as well.

As for the person that does the expert skills and master skills, do you really want to challenge us? haha. I guess we can just leave that up to each person to decide. If you really want to join the battle you can just please make sure you note that you have higher talent levels, and you will only be able to perform the lower level tricks. The idea was mainly for people who don’t compete or don’t have a high level of tricks yet to have some fun in a low pressure environment where we can show off our latest tricks that we are excited about that most probably would laugh at :slight_smile: For instance, I landed a Kwijibo for the first time this morning! Woot Woot, and I am pretty sure that is laughable for most people so you get the idea :slight_smile:

I will definetly join! ;D just one question? Are you making a spefic thread or do we send them to you or put them in this thread? Idk when I will tape it but soon. I just gotta invent one more trick to get a minutes worth!
I’m excited!!

Yes, the FOH engineer did say he set anything to music. If you think about it, it’s not my job! Isn’t it the band’s job? But when I practice, I’m typically having to deal with 4 screaming kids, the telephone ringing for tech support, and 2 pug dogs that would rather I put the yoyo down and pet them and they stay right in the way. On top of that, I got a wife who is rather on the cranky side most of the time these days. Hey, I watched the kids all day long, then you run me ragged running their activities all over town, and thanks to their yelling and screaming, it’s hard to get my normal work done! I think I am owed 15 minutes of yoyo time! Plus, I tend to save my ears for pay gigs. When I’m not doing audio work, I like quiet. All I want to hear is the spin of the bearing, nothing more.

(yes, I know you’re playin’! No offense taken, I got a great sense of humor, which helps me survive my daily grind)

As far as saying no music should be necessary, I’ve seen plenty of videos that didn’t use music and they were just fine. I’ll still encourage it as having a bed of music or music only tends to be better received by viewers. Personally, I get more from hearing the noise from the yoyo and the tricks, because I can gauge how hard or soft they are throwing and what sort of level of aggression is needed for tricks.

I think the idea of a no pressure/low pressure battle is great. This way some noob who wants to battle doesn’t get smoked or outclassed by a well experienced thrower.

I’ve seen some kids throwing and at their 5 month level… wow. I ain’t gonna be there in 5 months, but maybe a year. Some take to it better than others, and obviously others have way more practice time than others. I think this battle concept will also encourage discussion(like “dude, how long do you practice a day?”) as well as motivate others to improve and further their skills.

Right now I’m totally thrilled I loaded my yoyo tutorial videos into my iPhone and they work. While I have a convention I’m running sound for this weekend, I’ll have my training material right there with me! Cool!

So does this mean your in Chris? WOO HOO haha.

I hear ya man, I am not sure if we chatted about this yet, but I own a small entertainment production company and DJ full time. My wife and I have 5 kids and one with autism and they are all 7 and younger so it is always a crazy mad house around here, but a ton of fun. I still haven’t had the heart to tell her that I just spent a 110.00 on yoyo’s this week. But I mean it is YoYo Factory’s fault not mine! I’m working on getting my 7 year old to start yoyo’ing. The bind is kicking his butt but we are getting there!

Cool, so basically let’s move forward with this. If you want in, go ahead and send me a private message and is everyone good with 1 week to make the video? I think that should give everyone time to kinda put together what they want to do and get it to video. So next Monday I will collect the links to all of the videos…just upload them to youtube, and I’ll post them all and see what the community thinks. Thanks for everyone’s interest!

is 5A ok too ? just asking

as for music, I can’t do much without music, I need music as much as I need air

and if anything, the younger you are, the faster you learn

kids just do stuff, adults tend to analyze more

No, I’m not in, but that’s only because I’m not going to be making any videos. However, I think this is a great idea and I definitely support it. Plus, I’m preparing for an anime convention for sound and lighting this weekend, and then I have to prepare for 2 major back to back shows in October, followed by a major horror film/art festival 2 weeks later. After that, 2 weeks until Disneyland for 3 days with the family.

Plus, if people are entering fairly often, we can actually track progress, which is really cool too.

The noob battles are gonna be fun for starters to see how they measure up to each other for fun.

I’d love to do this! I’ve been yoyoing for like a year and a halfish but i’m still in this category. when does it need to be done by??

I know how you feel! It took forever to get kwijibo down for me, but now i love it :slight_smile:

I’d love a beginners/intermediate tricks only contest.

Sure today’s fancy pancy tricks look nice, but nothing looks better than a well done walk he dog.

Booo Studio :slight_smile: Ok you can help judge. Ok here is the final update:

To Enter, Please private message me. I will then post the list here for people to see of everyone that will be in the contest.

Second All routines need to be to me by Monday at 7PM eastern time as a youtube link. A week from today. It must be 1 minute in length from start of tricks to end of tricks and you are not allowed to edit the video. It must be 1 minute start to finish. (In other words you can’t do a trick, and then when you land another trick edit it all together. Must be one minute full length no edits). You can only do Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced tricks. No expert or master tricks. You must include your age, an how long you have been YoYoing in the video or in text. You may combine beginner, intermediate, and advanced tricks together. (You don’t have to throw one and then catch then throw another and catch, you can combine them but your welcome to throw and catch each trick.)

Again this is mainly for fun, but there is a competition side to it to give us a little push in learning and practicing. I too like what Studio said as a great way to see where everyone is at and see how we improve over the months. Message me if you are interested and get to work on your videos!

Geez, you’re just busting my … aren’t ya?
(Hey, I know you’re just joking, so we’re cool)

I like how you’ve really laid out the rules. Makes it cool and clear.

Not to jump ahead, but maybe a 10-trick ladder for the next one. 10 tricks in order. Trick, return. Repeat with next trick. No edits. Music optional. Winner of this Noob Challenge gets to name the tricks. Two winners: fastest time and cleanest performance of tricks. Same deal as the last time: these are to help push you guys forward, improve and have fun.

If anyone needs video help, I can help provide some advise to help your videos look a little bit better. I also do video production. Yes, I know I’m a sound engineer. You have to learn lots of skills do stay busy and keep the money flowing in.

Well, I have only been yoyoing for 6 months, do I qualify as a noob?

Are you talking about me?

Maybe. I recall saying something recently, but I can’t remember which video it was directed to. I do recall saying that I won’t be anywhere near that level when I reach 5 months.

Considering I’m lucky these days to get 30 minutes a week to practice, it doesn’t help me get much time in. Frustrating when you can’t progress because you’re simply being sabotaged and prevented from getting much of anything done.

Imagine trying to take a tech support call that you charge $150/hour for and your kids in the background REFUSE to stop screaming. I CANNOT put the phone down or place the client on hold, so signalling ignorant children is the best I can do, and they know I can’t do crap about it, but once phone time is over, punishment time begins!

Oh so you do video too? Ok now your just chicken for not joining! haha yeah I’m just busting ya up!

That is jumping ahead but I do like that idea a lot. I will go ahead and make it official, the winner gets to pick the 10 trick ladder style. Funny I was thinking of doing something like a ladder one next. I like it. As for the 5a? Hmmmm I think we should stick to 1A for this one, but I think it would be really cool like Studio said to make this an ongoing thing. So we could do 5a, 2a, and other ones as well. Maybe get some of the really good players who maybe have never done 2a to join since they would be beginners too in a sense. Just a thought,

Chicken? Nailed it! I’m a technician and an engineer. My work is BEHIND the DESK or behind the camera, behind the DAW or behind the NLE. When I do shows I’m the invisible man! I make it all happen and stay out of the way. If you’re in my neck of the woods this weekend, check out SacAnime, you’ll see how shows get run in battlefield conditions!

I got an idea though. Since people want to mix it up, let’s let the initial one be mixed bag. Let’s get as many people trying as possible. Kick it off big time. But, perhaps future ones will have to focus on a single style. It’s difficult to compare the different styles against each other. 5A isn’t just 1A with a counterweight. 4A isn’t just 1A with the yoyo not attached. 2A and 3A are their own universes!

At the same time, it might be necessary to purposely limit styles.

This brings up the question: Who is into what?

For example, for myself, 1A is where it is at for me, but 4A and 5A are of interest to me. I also want to do some 2A and 3A stuff, but it’s mostly for this educational program I am working on(get kids off the couch and being active, or at least getting away from computers, video games and the TV for a bit). I intend to be good enough at 1A to enjoy myself, and then 4A and 5A for challenge until I get proficient. 2A and 3A I just want to learn a few tricks for demo purposes.

Now, I am gonna go see if I can get a few minutes and start to learn Drop In The Bucket.