"Official" Noob 1A Contest/Battle Video Submissions

Hi Everyone,

Here is the official video submissions of our first 1A Contest/Battle for those newer throwers who have been yo-yoing for under 1 year and using tricks from the YoYoExpert Advanced and below or their own tricks that fall in the same category.

We had several submissions and now it is time for the community to decide a winner. The prize for winning, besides being the best 1A newbie, is the ability to pick the next contest/battle style.

To help decide the winner we are asking the community to vote on not only who they think is the best (considering all aspects), but the order. We will then use the numbers that you rank them to determine the winner. Example:

  1. Bob
  2. George
  3. Jim
  4. Frank
  5. Billy Joe Bob

Bob would get 1 point, Frank would get 4 points and so forth. In this case, it is like golf, the lowest number wins after the voting is completed.

Now the rules for voting. You are voting on not just who you like the best and did the best tricks. That is not what this is about. It is about taking everything into consideration. Age, How long they have been throwing, how well they executed the tricks they performed, and how much you enjoyed their video. So it is not about just who does the best coolest tricks, but take everything into consideration. This way, no matter how new or what tricks they do, everyone has a chance.

Voting begins now and will run until Friday 7PM Eastern to give everyone a chance to vote over the next couple of days. (Contestants are not allowed to vote)

Thank you everyone who participated and everyone who submitted videos. Now, onto the show!

Dynikus - Age 17 - Throwing for 9 Months

Kipp556 - Age 14 - Throwing for 4 Months

TMCertified - Age 30 - Throwing for 5 Months

Nicholi2789 - Age 22 - Throwing for 5 Months

Swatnoodle - Age 16 - Throwing for 5 Months

DBYoyoer - Age 13 - Throwing for 6 Months

Gmana - Age 16 - Throwing for 6 Months

Thanks to all 7 throwers who participated and hope to have even more next time! Now help us out and vote 1 through 7 based on the guidelines above. Thanks!

Can I vote even though I competed?

Only people who did not compete can vote, so hopefully some more of the community will start voting for everyone 1 - 7. If you want to “mock” vote I guess that is fine, it just wouldn’t count. Only none competitors can vote.

Well poops. I didn’t know I could use,my triangle related tricks. I might as well have thrown in suicides… Haha

Suicides are Advanced tricks, so you could have done that. I just didn’t because I know my rate of landing a suicide is 1 in 50 :wink:

Ok 35 views and nobody has voted yet, come on YYE Community, stop being lazy and get on here and support the newer people throwing down their tricks!

Suicides is in expert actually… Haha.

Yay, first voter! :smiley:

  1. Dynikus
  2. Swatnoodle
  3. DByoyoer
  4. Nicholi2789
  5. Gmana
  6. TMCertified
  7. Kipp556

I’m fine with second. Dynikus yoyo’ed almost twice my time though :frowning:

Yeah, but you were a very very close second.

Its cool. I would have voted him as first if I wasn’t competing. :smiley:

The problem with some of the videos is i couldnt see the string very well. Kipp556 i couldn’t see at all.

dynikus probably had the best tricks but weren’t some of those tricks a little more than advanced? He did ninja vanish and hidemasa hook which are in the expert section. He also had horizontal in there… so for the purpose of this competiton I’m not going to vote for him.

I liked Gmana cause I could definantly see the string. He had cool music. He stayed within the rules (nothin too advanced in my opinion). He didnt make as many mistakes as some of the other videos. And it looked like he was really concentrating and having fun.

Swatnoodle also has a great video so he has my second vote.

Dang I shoulda made a better vid, I didn’t realize I messed up so many times. I Yoyo so much better off camera.
Tho if I could vote I would vote for swatnoodle, he has the most fluid style, and best tricks. Dynikus a super close second. I didn’t know we could get away with more advanced tricks tho.

i didnt think he was supposed to get away with it but whatever. Although you did have a gyroscopic flop and skin the gerbil which is in expert section so i guess its fair :smiley:

I dont mean to be the “trick police” or anything so im going away now. good job on the vids!

Gmana has some funny facial expression ;D

but Nicholi and Swatnoodle were the best.


I think you need to make a list of your favorites to least favorites or else the voting points would be off

oh whoops. forgot about some of the difficulty levels of tricks. I was just doing a freestyle. haha

No man, your right, lol. We all had specific guidlines which we were suppossed to adhere to and didn’t. Your opinion counts! I though skin the Gerbil was advanced… Haha, not gyro flop tho.

Yessir! I’m not exactly sure where to put dynikus so i’ll put him in the middle :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Gmana
  2. Swatnoodle
  3. Nicholi
  4. Dynikus
  5. TMcertified
  6. DBYoyer
  7. Kipp556 (just cause i couldn’t see what was going on)

Sorry, my camera sucks and I prolly didn’t use the greatest choice of string… And it wasn’t at a great angle. And I only really have two or three good tricks anyway. Other people did great!

your way better than i was when i had only been yoyoing for 4 months