Beginners Only Contest

So, all you beginners, since it seems like every contest on here is for competitive players with insane speed, here is a contest for people who have been yoyoing LESS THAN 6 MONTHS. Only people who have been throwing less than six months can enter this competition. Basically you will take a video less than 1 minute of you doing what you do best, if it is landing a trapeze from a breakaway, or doing Eli Hops, or whatever, that is great. This contest will be over at 12:01 AM CST on July 5th, so maybe over fourth of July you could have one of your family members tape you.

1A, 2A, 3A, and 5A can be entered in this contest. Only ONE ENTRY per person however. There WILL NOT be seperate divisions. Please post videos on this thread, do not pm me them, as I will not count those.

Prizes will be as follows:

1st: 30 Yellow YYE Poly Strings
2nd: 20 Yellow YYE Poly Strings
3rd: 10 Yellow YYE Poly Strings

I figured I would have string as prizes, since when I was a beginner I never had enough string. This will be the first of many contests I will be running, however I don’t know how many beginners only contests there will be, so beginners start filming!

FINNALY!!! Haha I shall start working on what I would like to do :slight_smile:

I’m in this 13 months but I best most of these 6-month and other folks could kick my butt!

That’s OK. I think it’s great to have such motivational contests! The more people we get into this sport and hobby and the more people who want to be good at it, the better!

I think there should be a registered database so that way people can’t cheat at being noobs!

I’ve been at it on and off for about 9 months I believe(when I made this account). Could I still enter. My skill level is still below average.

how about less than 6 months in a certain style? I’ve been yoyoing for a bit less than a year and a half, but I’ve never really done much outside of 1a or 4a.

Wait 1 minute, that means we can do more than 1 trick right? We can do a string of them? No pun intended :wink:

Haha I dont know if they could, when I was at six months my best trick was the plastic whip. And yeah we should definately have something like that, even though if your on the forums you obviously yoyo so they could look at that.

Sorry man, the reason I went with six months or less is because those are most likely the people who may not have a stock of necessities like string. But I will be doing other contests that you will be able to enter.

Haha clever, and yes you may do more than one trick. Any combo you can dream up will be elidgable. Or you may just want to submit a video of you doing a double or nothing, or eli hops. Remember, its not just the trick you do, it is how you do it and how you present it also. So even if you are doing a simple trick, like brain twister, if you appear to be having a good time, and present it in a good video, you could still win.


I knew eventually I would have to video myself. OK I’m game. I started practicing my little routine of the few tricks I can do. It will be fun to try to get it right on film. Also, I can’t wait to see some others and what they can do.

I totally agree :slight_smile: your on !!! I’ll be posting later this week, hope I see your submission too :slight_smile:

Ooh my first yoyoing video I hope I win because I’m in need of string :-\

Cool! I’ve only been yoyoing since late April.

I wish someone had done this a year and a half ago so I could enter…
Either way this was a great idea and I agree that beginners always need string, the kids I teach are always using strings that are on their last legs because they don’t have any spares.

I think I will have hit 6 months by the time this contest ends (June 25th), so I guess I’m ineligible… I don’t mind though, I’ve got some toxics saved, and I’ve got a pack of dragons coming any day now! :slight_smile:

this contest is for around the world right? i’ve been throw for around 2 months. I really need string (really don’t have money to buy haha) but ok… i’m ON! :smiley:

no need to win though… the important thing is that it motivate me and the experience that i get :smiley:

Umm no this contest is onpy for those in the usa as it is quite expensive to ship elsewhre… sorry. And the contest ends july 5

but can i post my video too? i just wanna parcipate :smiley:


Haha well if it’s only USA can I enter just for fun to see if I win? I don’t need the prize it can go to the next person, I just want to compare my progress to others essentially… Is that okay?

I’m down! it’s been like 5 months for me so i barely make it!

Thats fine. Im sorry I have to disclude so many people, but it is just to expensive to ship $2 worth of strings to somebody