1A Battle! Winner gets an Element String

Ok, I’ve decided to make these give-aways more chalenging. ;D

I will be hosting a video battle, with one advanced poll and one begginer poll.

-1A only!
-Video must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or YoYoExpert.org. (YouTube prefered)
-Video must 1:00 long, allowing 10 seconds below and over 1:00.
-Video must be PMed to me before July 18th If it is not, your video will not be used!!!
Again, U.S. only, sorry if you live in another country!
The winners of each division will recieve one white Element String.
Today is July 8th, I will give you 10 days to enter the battle. There is no limit of people for each division. If you would like to join PM me please.

-Yoyo Player

-Johnny T

Beginner please!

You mean July?

You got it!

Oh yes, sorry, I do mean July.

Advanced please.

bring me in
you know what I would choose

Not gonna happen! :stuck_out_tongue:

You got it!

lol, jk, You’ve got an advanced spot good sir!

how about you sponser the winner?

I’m not sure if I’m beginner…put me in advance. ;D

I would like to compete, but I don’t know what divsion to enter cuase the people in advanced are going to pwn me, and I think I’m to good for begginer. ??? So just place me where ever you think I should be. :slight_smile:


I’ve sponcored one person, and he will be the only person I sponcor. (Unless Doc or OldSchool come back)

I really think you are too good for begginer, I’ll put you in advanced.

Ok cool. :smiley:

Good luck!

your going down
and I am sponsored by gonyo strings
gonyo make more string
I like that green one

how good are the people in beginner? I wanna know if I have a chance! ;D

I’m not very good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, How many Strings are you gonna give, gm user?

Happy Throwing! =]

Sign up!
What do you have to lose?

One for each winner. If that sounds like a small prize, there are contests with no prize.

Ill sell it tp you for one dollar.
it will go into my peak funds. ;D

Uhh…how’s singing related to the contest? Wait…We have to sing in the yoyo video too!!! :smiley: Just Kidding :wink: