YoYoExpert's 1st ever 5A Video Tournament!

Hello! Welcome to the YoYoExpert 5A Tourney! MadDog and I figured it’s time to have a 5A contest, so here’s how it’s gonna go:

-The video must be 1 minute long.
-There’s a 3 combo limit, so make sure you show your best!
-MadDog and I will be the judges, but you can give us your opinions as well.

There is a “Beginner” division, and “Advanced” division. Post here if you want to sign up. You will then be paired with an opponent. We will schedule a dead line to turn your videos in. If one fails to turn in their video on time, they will be disqualified. When both videos are in for a battle, we will then judge to see who won. The winner will move on in the tournament.

Here are the people who are currently signed up:



The prize for each division is bragging rights. ;D

Do your best! And remember, have fun!

(More to come soon.)


Ill take a beginner spot, I just started 5a like a week ago XD

Sign me up for beginner! :slight_smile:

I’ll make a beginner video!

Yay! 3 people already!

Keep it coming! ;D

Whats the prize?

Edit: Ninja’d by Mongoriller

I’m in for advanced good sir!

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Wow people are signing up really fast!!! :smiley:

When will you start pairing us up?

When the time is right. :wink:

Once we start getting a more filled roster.

Alright, I can’t wait!

ill take a beginner spot.
what do you mean by combos? ???

wait i wont take the beginner spot
i need more practice

Hmm, Shall I start the pairing up?

Sweet. If MadDog didnt PM me I wouldnt have ever seen this.
Sign me up for Advanced.
Bring it!

I will make a video for beginner. :slight_smile: