Yoyoexpert.com's First Ever World Contest!

Hey fellow Yoyoexperts, I’d like to host a contest for you all. It will be just like the World Yo-yo Contest except it’s online. The prize: Bragging Rights and a special YYE logo signature from our own JM!

The Rules are simple:
  1. Just like a contest, this will require you guys to do a freestyle. It has to be 3 minutes long with 15 seconds over max. No Editing! We want to keep this as close to a real contest as close as possible.

  2. Music has to be clean! Exceptions are hell, up to one max of the following words: st, A, and d**n.

  3. String must be visible and you can use any form of yo-yoing you want.


Dog Walker: A 3-Minute Freestyle with all beginner tricks. Points will not be deducted if you switch from 1A to 0A

Semi-Pro: Use any trick you want. Graded on technicality.

Entertainer: The point of this is to entertain. If you get a reaction from the judges from your video then you get the points. Try comedy, dancing, or think what Joseph Harris does for his routines.

Messer-Upper: Do a freestyle but you get more points for messing up! You must however try your hardest and if you mess up then points get added. Switching yo-yos count for huge points.

Ladder: I give the list of tricks and you must do a freestyle for those exact tricks in any order you want.

Our judges are the Forum eXperts and JM, only if the July eXpert hasn’t been announced yet, and the criteria is:

Technicality: /20
Performance: /20
Audience Reaction: /20
Execution: /20
Personality: /20

Note: Criteria might change.

You can use any video, but it must meet the requirements. Remember Have Fun!

Date of contest:

To be announced. Got to see how many people are competing and our judges time. The contest will be live in the chat room and you must not show your video to YYE until the contest.

Have Fun and Spin On!


Ladder List is now live! You must use these tricks in any order in your ladder FS.

  1. Matrix
  2. Rewind
  3. Trapeze Brother Slack
  4. Mach 5
  5. Grind (any)
  6. Black Hop (more points if you can do it. Optional for those who aren’t at this level yet.)
  7. Eli Hops at least 2
  8. Leg Wrap Trap
  9. Jump over yo-yo
  10. Yuuki Slack or Ladder Escape (Your choice)

*Bonus: Use a signature trick from one of our judges for extra points!

Update: Sign-Ups for being a judge are availale! 3 needed!

This looks fun. I might just join Entertainer or Messer-Upper. ;D

If the prize is a sig from JM, you have to try to win! ;D

So we keep the video private till the day?

I think i’m joining in semi-pro or ladder. Can you tell us the ladder?

I want to do the ladder

To answer Rsmod’s Question:

Yes, keep the video private until the contest day. Depending on how many competitor’s, the contest might go for days.

Ladder coming soon for you guys.

More: Each judge will have a different category to judge in. So for example: Samad has the Technicality while Kim has the Performance.

You can PM your entry to me or keep it private in youtube or Vimeo and then post the link on contest day.

Jeromy K. has gladly donated 50 PF strings total for the contest. 10 for each winner. Try hard cause this might be annual with different prizes each time.

Contest Day is August 5th-7th or 8th. Depending on how many people enter. May subject to change.

Is this is how we are going to (for example):

First: Sign up to choose the divisions

Second: make a video

Third: wait until the video is due.

Fourth: post the video in chat or PM to Chris?

Fifth: Results

Is that correct?

Happy Throwing! =]

Im in!
But I am sort of confused about something. I just want to do a FS. Regular FS thats judged like a regular one… Which one is that?

I want to give 15 per winner and a yo-yo leash ;D

me too:D
juan is getting owned

Ha! He didn’t say if it’s only 1A. Anyways since you didn’t say it has to be 1A. I’m do so 2A. I’m in. :smiley:

Loop hole.

I don’t enjoy the fact that you say that I am a judge even though I never agreed to do so. I don’t know about the other forum eXperts, but I never confirmed that I wanted to judge. However, I am still unsure as to whether or not I want to judge.

sign me up for semi-pro =D i love freestyling


Sorry Kim, for dragging you into this. If you don’t take part then you can compete and Rudy and I will take a spot.

Starscreem is correct but you will learn the results on the same day. The judges can give decimal points too.

You can use any Form of yo-yoing you want so 2A is fine. Each will be judged independently and you will not get docked points for not doing 1A. 0A though is no a good idea for the freestyle parts for Semi-Pro.

So many competitor’s, I like it.

Sign me up for what ever juans in.

Ladder List is live!

So far:

Dog-Walker: none
Semi-Pro: J4dude, Johnny-T, Juan, Dacklinlk, Gon-Yo, maybe Rsmod
Entertainer catorameus
Ladder: Possibly Rsmod, and knobbemoki.

If it makes it easier then you guys can enter more than one division.

If anyone wants a ladder for other divisions besides 0A then tell me!
Entertainer: none

I would really like to compete, but I am going to be out of town the 3rd-9th. I could enter on the ninth…
Have you nailed down a date? If you havent, maybe you could bump it back to the 9th. I would be thrilled!!!
Titanium221 8)

Ummm… you said that there’s no editing allowed, but can we make a video, then add music to it? Or do we have to have to film the video with music playing in the background?

Good question, I am courious myself.

And, I would like to enter two divisions, can I?

You can take out the sound and add music but you will be scored on how well you sync your tricks with the music.

Okay, thanks! Oh, and I’m definitely joining Entertainer. :wink: