This is gonna be fun. I am starting this contest for the fun of it, so it’s not really too competitive although it’s always nice to win.
Anyways, I got the idea from LeftyLink starting the Throwdown. I thought it would be pretty cool to do, so I am doing something similar with different rules.

New Info in Red

Everybody has a 1-take video of them doing a freestyle to any music. Music can be playing in the background, edited onto the computer, or no music at all. You may not edit your video other than a title and/or music. There will be a prelim round if I exceed 15 contestants.
Prelims will be 1-minute.
Finals will be 2-minutes.
I am judging so I will not compete.
You can submit your videos to YouTube and send them to me via PM.
If you need an example for the kind of videos I am looking for, see “Subvert” by James Reed.

Section 1 (Videos):

  1. You have up to 3 takes to complete your video. Please be honest. You do not get extra points for completing the video on your first or second attempt.
  2. You will receive a score between 0 and 100. I will be the one to score you.
  3. Videos may have no editing done to them other than a title and music if necessary.
  4. I will be looking for deductions (yoyo restarts, yoyo changes, etc.)
  5. Video lengths are: prelims = 1 minute, finals = 2 minutes (not including title; from start of first throw to after two minutes of throwing [last bits that exceed the time limit will not count])
    Section 2 (Contestants):
  6. No more than 30 contestants can play
  7. There is a minimum of 5 contestants.
  8. Prelims will occur if number of participants exceeds 15.
  9. Top 10 contestants from Prelims will advance to the finals.
  10. You will be disqualified if your video is submitted late of the deadline.
  11. Registration may be closed at any moment after I reach 5 contestants.
    Section 3 (Yoyos and Tricks):
  12. You may use any yoyo that you would like
  13. You may use any yoyo style that you would like.
  14. You may not change style midway through your video (you may only use one style)
    Section 4 (Video Submissions):
  15. Follow the steps to submission below.
  16. The only place I will except videos is a link through a PM.
  17. Videos must be in YouTube format unless special permission is granted.

Video Submission Process:
Step 1: Film your video (you may use up to 3 takes; if you make a mistake in all of them, choose your best video. Do not stop in mid-freestyle due to a mistake, it may be your best video).
Step 2: Upload video to YouTube (unless special permission is granted)
Step 3: Send me a PM
Step 4: Wait for Results

Entertainment and Cleanliness Points: 35
Technical Points: 65

If you would like more information or have a suggestion to change the rules or anything similar, contact me via PM.

To register, reply below or PM me.


  1. Erik Kerber
  2. abby1371
  3. YoYoGoD24
  4. The Yoyo Nerd
  5. owngry
  6. Y0Y0SR2PR0
  7. Tubby Omnivore
  8. kclejeune
  9. bcmaddog
  10. andy569
  11. The Yoinator
  12. TurboChicken
  13. shen703
  15. stuarttw
  16. baerinatux
  17. IGINLA
  18. En5an3

Prelims are go now. I have hit 15 people


  1. Zorro
  3. Modman10

Registration Deadline: Friday, 2/21/14 Registration Closed
Prelim Video Deadline: Tuesday, 2/25/14
Prelim Results: Thursday, 2/27/13 (may be earlier)
Finals Deadline: Monday, 3/3/14
Finals Results: Wednesday, 3/5/14 (may be earlier)

If you are registered, you may, at any time starting now until the deadline, submit your videos for the contest. I will PM everybody shortly regarding this as well to confirm everyone saw this.

Count me in

Edit Also is there a set deadline or is it just when you get enough people?

It depends on how many people I get the first couple of days. If I get a bunch, then I may just close it then, if I get a good few, I will set a deadline, if I am getting nobody, then I will keep it open until I get enough people.

ok Sounds good

Are you the only judge? And if so do you know how contests are judged?

Not exactly. I know how I’m going to judge this one. If you are looking to be a judge, you could definitely help me out.

Put me in the contest I want to be part of this!

Great, thanks

Count me in

That is going to be a very difficult rule to enforce.

Count me out at any rate, I go to pieces in front of a camera. Nobody wants to see that.

It’s just like you would do it on a stage at a contest, so not really, imo.

It’s just like you would do it on a stage at a contest, so not really, imo.

I understand, I just mean that you’ll have to take people’s word that it’s their first take. Anyone less-than-honest could film 100 takes and then just pretend that they did it in one.

Obviously there isn’t any way around this, you just gotta hope that people are actually honest about it.

Yes, it’s just like the IronArm Contest. I am sure than anybody the least bit honest would play fairly. If they cheat, they are the only ones that know it, but they have to feel guilty about it. But, yes, I see your point.

I am doing this for fun, and to get myself not to be nervous and crumble in front of a camera.

Great, glad you have the courage to enter.

Just don’t blame me if I look like a beginner in my vid

k ill join

I’d like to see 2-3 more judges to make it more balanced ::slight_smile:

Okay, I will add that.

I’m in