I’ll join. Needed some motivation to make my first yoyo video ;D

I’m in.

Good luck running this, can’t say that I am too interested though.

Goody. I was waiting for somebody to find it. I was looking for the No Maximum Number thing because I wanted to change it and, sad as it is, couldn’t find it. I knew somebody would say something. :smiley:

Count me in

But find more judges? Andre jd?

Why not? I guess I’ll get in on this. I’m in.

And like BC stated, maybe you can ask andre to help judge :smiley:

question tho… is it just scored by cleanliness and technicality or is it judged by use of music too?

I’ll Join :slight_smile:

Ill donate some strings :), and I would be interested in judging.

I would change that 1 take rule, because I do not think many people will actually submit their first take. However, if you think that people will be honest enough go for it.

The fact that EVERYONE has to do only one take will encourage people more IMO, because it means everyone will screw up a bit.

How does LEDGERYOYO and Modman10 sound? :smiley:

These are both very good points. I will think about it. If I do up it, it will be:

You have up to 3 takes to hit all your tricks. If you do not hit all of your tricks. You can chose one of the 3 videos to submit, so go through with your misses because it may turn out to be your best.

Okay, I have you down as judge.

I’ll join in… should be fun.

Great, you’re in.

COUNT ME IN!!!111!!!11!!!1!111!!!1!!!

I’ll join!!


For those of you who have not yet noticed.

I have set deadlines for Registration, Prelim Round Videos, and Final Round Videos.

Anybody else? If nobody else registers between 2pm ET today, and 2pm ET tomorrow, I plan on closing registration a day early.

I’m down to compete :stuck_out_tongue: