2013 Holiday Minutemen Video Contest - CLOSED. Results Pending...

Extending the deadline because of the holidays.  New deadline is on January 5th @ 11:59pm!  Get to filming :slight_smile:

All information below is still accurate!

For those of you out there who were bummed that they missed out on the YYF Mystery Boxes on Black Friday, do not fret because you have another chance to score one!

Contest Ends: 12/23/2013 @ 11:59pm
Contest Ends: 01/05/2014 @ 11:59pm


1st Place

  • 2012 YYF Mystery Box
  • YYF Multi-Tool (glow)
  • String of the winner’s choice (up to $10.00 from YYE’s store)

2nd Place

  • 2012 YYF Mystery Box

3rd Place

  • YYJ Trigger

Contest Rules

  • Videos must not exceed 1 minute in length
  • Videos must be Holiday themed
  • Only ONE entry per contestant

Contest Entry

Email: yyecontests+2013minutemen@gmail.com
Subject: 2013 Holiday Minutemen Video Contest -

Then, provide a link to the video in the message body.  It’s that easy!

Judging “Rubric”

Videos will be graded on the following, but not necessarily prioritized in this order:

  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • Cinematography
  • Overall Feel
  • Theme Incorporation
  • Yoyo Mechanics/Skill


Feel free to send me a private message through the forum, or post the question(s) here and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

So go out there and make some videos!

DISCLAIMER: I, Kat, am in no way affiliated with YoYoExpert.com or Ultimate Vision LLC. Furthermore, YoYoExpert.com is in no way sponsoring or endorsing this contest.  Prizes are subject to change based on availability.

Nice contest, Kat! Love it when skill isn’t the focus of a contest… so many of us are in the beginning or intermediate phase.

I like this contest!

Amazing contest! I love this disclaimer, it sounds so official.

Edit: I also like the name “Holiday Minutemen”

Thanks for the compliments! All of you should enter, and even if you don’t win, at least you have a great holiday yoyo video to share with your friends/family :).

If you know anyone else interested be sure to tell them!

I have a CLYW video to try to finish, otherwise I’d be thrilled to join in. :wink:

You still have ~12 days!

There is a ninety percent chance I won’t because of time.

That leaves a ten percent chance that I will though. Mostly because I plan to dress up like an elf any way, it’s a minute video which is perfect considering I don’t know that many tricks, it will motivate me to practice, and it gives me a perfect excuse to practice my video editing. Looks like I have more reasons to participate than to not!

Will you be posting the winners here? If I post my video as link only I shouldn’t have to worry about people seeing it unless I win right?

Correct. If you just want to enter, but not show off your vid simply email it.

Winners will be posted in a separate thread.

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I better get working on my video while there is still snow on the ground oh wait there calling fir snow on Saturday this will be a great video!

Challenge accepted. I don’t have a computer power cord right now so I can’t use final cut. I wonder if I can meet my own standards on an iPhone lolol

Good luck to you guys!! Also know that I won’t be prejudice base off of camera gear! So don’t be discouraged just because you only have your phone and someone else is shooting with like a Canon C500 (if anyone is I’m super jealous).

Also, there’s only ~10 days left, and out of those only 4 are weekend days! As of now there’s a good chance of winning a mystery box! :slight_smile:

There’s not much left in the competition and the entries are severely lacking! Which means it should be super easy to win something :). So get to video making!

If people want an extension I may be willing to if enough people are interested.

dont worry I’m still working on my entry its just kind of hard to film outside when there is so little day light :-\

I think I can find the time to make a quick vid hmmmm butwhat should I doo…… hmmmm ill have to think on that

Extending the deadline because of the holidays. New deadline is on January 5th @ 11:59pm! Get to filming :).

Having my dad bring back a camera for this!

i finished editing mine not time to upload to youtube or keep working on it

done editing just need to upload to youtube and email to kat

Got my computer working ;). Using small aperture will make this look amazing.