2013 Holiday Minutemen Contest - Results

First off I want to thank and congratulate everyone who participated.  I know that you all took time out of your holiday to film and I appreciate it.  So, good job :).  Also a HUGE shoutout to André Boulay who is playing a major role with the mystery boxes.

I’ll just get right to it and then leave a little blurb after the results:

  1. witlessone - winner of a 2012 YYF Mystery Box, YYF Multi-Tool, $10 worth of string
  1. Logi - winner of a 2012 YYF Mystery Box
  1. Yoyonick1421 - winner of a YYJ Trigger

Honorable Mentions




So congratulations to the winners as well; you deserved it!  Please contact me via PM so I can get your shipping addresses and prize choices if applicable.

Now on to the judging stuff.  I want to explicitly point out that I feel Logi should have received first due to his great video work and cinematography skills (not to belittle other contestants).  However, because basically all of the footage was taken from his recent “Snow” video (yes, I watch other videos =P), I felt that witlessone was more deserving.  But since I had no explicit rule stating that you couldn’t use previous content, I didn’t mark him down too much.

The main thing which separated the featured videos above from the rest of the entries was the uniqueness of the holiday theme.  Most entries comprised of a decorated Christmas tree, a santa hat, or something similar.  Since creativity and uniqueness were two judging categories, these videos scored big.

If you’d like me to explain why your video did not feature in further detail, send me a PM and I’ll be happy to help pick apart things I feel could be improved and hopefully help those who are interested in becoming a better videographer :).

Also, if you didn’t win, don’t fret!  I’ll be hosting another video contest in the very near future.  Winners of this contest will be allowed to enter as well.  I feel that the next contest is different enough that just because you won here, doesn’t necessarily mean you have an edge next time :).

Dang… witlessone has serious skills…


Yes he does Hes the one who got me into yoyoing


Congrats on second place Logi

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Thanks a bunch for featuring me, kat! It means a lot. And a big congrats to all the winners! Y’all did really well.

BTW, can’t wait to see what this upcoming video contest is about!

Congrats to all!

Didn’t bring my A-game this time, this next contest is MINE!

Now I have to figure out how to split this with JordandarkmagicII


But in all seriousness would you care to elaborate?

Also, if anyone has any questions/comments/concerns feel free to PM me. I’m always willing to shed some light on a matter should you feel you’re not quite understanding

Wow, that was an excellent video Logi!

Thanks! You has some skillz.

Congrats On 1st place Witlessone

Enjoyed the videos. Great job to everyone who competed. Also, daps to you, Kat. Nice contest.

I have no clue what daps means, but thanks!

Daps to you too, you Dapper Dan Man.

I’m so old :frowning:

(And it means “Nice job!”) :wink:

Okay, it may be on my end but the #3 video is not working for me. And, the second Honorable Mention guy’s shirt has a very inappropriate image on it.

EDIT: Oh, and the #1’s video is over 1 minute.

Congrats to the winners!

Most of what was over a minute was a black out, also i had messaged Kat to make sure it was acceptable. I am willing to re-edit my video to be under a minute but i like it a little more with how it looks right now.