Fixed Axle February Video Contest 2013

Waylon Crase and Frank Pantland present:

Fixed Axle February Video Contest 2013!

In summary:

  • Tell us a story, any story, as long as it involves a fixed axle yoyo. It can be funny, deep and meaningful, an essay, anything.

  • Entries must be submitted by midnight, March 8, 2013

  • Use any yoyo(s) you like, as long as there’s no bearings or transaxle on it.

  • Videos should be 3-4 minutes long. A little over or under is fine.

  • All videos must include the two images found here:

  • Creativity scores higher than yoyo skill in this contest, but bring your skill, too. We are greedy like that :slight_smile:

  • There will be two winners receiving pretty freaking nice prize packages of approximate equal value.

  • Post your entries here:




BigYoyo Strings

Unknown Strings

Prizes will be announced in about a week, when all the sponsorship details have been worked out. We will be open to more sponsors until then. If you would like to be a sponsor, please PM me with inquiries.

Get creative and get cracking! There are yoyos and accessories to be won!

So… what do you get to win? Well, we’re still working out the exact prize packages and looking for more sponsors, this post will be updated as those details become available. Here’s a little teaser in the meantime:

Two Red Devils to each winner, courtesy of

What’s a Red Devil yoyo I hear you asking? You can read a review over here:

Signed copy of Waylon’s new album and a bunch of cotton string, courtesy of

Who is Waylon Crase? You can see what makes him tick and read about his humanitarian work over here:
Or download a digital album here:

One of these beauties, courtesy of

What are these? These are beautiful, one of a kind fixed axle yoyos made by someone who has over 30 years experience working with wood… nuff said! You can read more about it here:

Some side pogs and fixed axle sleeves, courtesy of YYE forum user, mrcnja:

Worth playing for…?

Our very own yoyoexpertman54 has promised a few of his hand turned yoyos for the contest!

i will get pictures to add soon probably next week

Two more sponsors are on board!

Unknown strings and BigYoyo strings will be contributing their premium boutique string products to the prize packages!

I have a story to share from this morning at the train station … wonder if my kid is up to the task of making a video to reinact it :slight_smile: … this should be a fun project and something different than just throwing together.

Sweet :slight_smile: I’m roping my son in to filming a video this weekend for fun and to help promote the contest.

Logistics of filming are holding me back. I don’t have a cameraman, and I don’t have locations to film what I’d like to film. I’m still interested in trying my best, but every time I think of an idea, I’m like “Doh! Cameraman needed for that circling/sweeping shot!”

^^ Do you have a smartphone or video camera? Do you have putty, clay or glue? Do you have a wall to stick it to? If yes, problem solved!! You might not get that sweeping shot, but at least you will be able to enter :wink: Don’t forget, there are two prize packages up for grabs!

Agreed. I have a DSLR and a tripod, so stationary shots are not a huge issue. Though framing the shots is still hard.

It’s more that disjunctions between “artistic vision” (not to be all hoity toity about it… just what I see in my head) and what I’m limited to can be frustrating. Not all of us are built in a way we can easily ignore our creative drive. :wink:

Improvise. Make do. That’s part of being creative. And part of the fun :wink:

You’re preaching to the choir. And everyone’s taking this too far. :wink: All I’m saying is… without a cameraman, th’aint no way I’m going to get that shot walking around me in a circle or sweeping down on the yoyo.

I’m not saying you can’t make quality videos regardless. Or that creative stuff hasn’t been made with static shots, the person walking instead of the camera, etc. I’m simply saying you get an idea in your head and when it’s impossible to execute, the most brilliant improvisation in the world just isn’t the same.

I don’t need to be told how to be creative. I just wanted a bit of comisseration… is that so wrong? :wink:

Yes! lol. I get what you’re saying. I’m an artist, too. I just think half the fun is in doing things with “found” stuff. Found objects, found sounds, found ideas - if you gather my meaning. It would be time consuming, but you could shoot in stop-motion, moving the camera yourself for a weird series of incongruous poses.

Maybe you could find a cameraman here, or on Craigslist. Know any yoyoers? Film students? Bright third graders? A homeless person who will work cheap?

None that can come to my house (or that my wife would let into the house) between 10pm and 1am, which is about the only time I am sometimes able to film. :wink:

I’ll think of something. Kept imagining scenes while walking the dogs. Scenes that I can’t execute for the most part (even if I had a cameraman, to be frank) but the idea is in my dome now! I’d rather be one of the early submissions to keep the ball rolling, but man… might be stuck as a late submission.

Attach the camera to your dogs :smiley: now that would be cool. Just put gravy or dog treats on your head and you will always be in the frame.

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Yoyospin’s contribution came a few days ago. These yoyos are well crafted and hefty. It’s killing me not to give them a few throws!

Unknown String’s Whipmaster string came in yesterday. This stuff looks great. Modman included a few samples for me. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

My weekend didn’t go as planned since I worked 13 hours on Saturday :frowning: I had to change what I wanted to do for a video since I won’t have anyone to participate. I started filming yesterday. It’s called “five days in the life of a mediocre yoyoer”.

Small bump…should have some inspiration for you guys in a couple days :wink:

Entries should be posted in this thread:

There is also a little something there to help inspire you (I bunked work to do this…!).

Just to reiterate - we don’t care too much about duration… it can be 2mins, it can be 6mins, just tell us a story using / about fixed axle…  There are some incredible (i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e.) (yes, some incredi-freaking-ble) prizes up for grabs  :wink:

Go…enter… You know you want to. Just do it. Enter.