Fixed Axle February video contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Howdy folks!

This thread is where you need to post your final videos for the Fixed Axle February video contest.

If you need more details or want to ask any questions - please do so in the thread below so that this one only has the actual entries. 

There are some pretty fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Here is a little teaser, a “mock entry” to help inspire you!

Great video! Nutty stuff, indeed.

Here’s mine.

Just over a week left to get your entries in.

If only your mediocricy wasn’t better than my best effort.

Good thing this contest isn’t about being better than your best effort :wink:

Here’s my entry I call it robo hobby

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Sweet! Keep em coming.

Tick tock

This was my first attempt at a video, and I learned something very important.  I can’t hit anything in front of the camera.  As videos of miss after miss piled up, I began to get discouraged.  Finally, though, I decided to make what lemonade I could with the lemons I had.  So let’s call this a video about persistence,  even though it’s just me persistently missing a couple of tricks.


Where do u get a fixed Alex that spins that good my Duncan could never do that ???

@yooldman: thanks for the entry (nice stall BTW).


Long spinning yoyos by TMBR available on this site.

Only a couple days left… get those entries in!

OO I can’t wait to see who the winner is I don’t think I was good enough to win but who know mybe my creativity will win it for me I sure hope so I’m so excited :)!!!

One of the two prize packages.

My entry. 21.5 hours to spare, too! Lots of time!


Ugh… I worked very hard to make the video line up with the song… Wilco aren’t known as copyright sticklers and I have the greatest respect for music and musicians (being one myself!) and the rights attached to publishing a song; however I thought for sure this would fall under fair usage. Nonetheless I might have to remove or replace it.

If you can’t view the video, can you let me know what country you’re in? I can still submit a less-than-great version by midnight if nobody can see it.

I can see it :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It was confirmed working in the U.S. also; I imagine that I’m fine keeping it in (phew!). Maybe when you acknowledge using the copyrighted material (there’s a button you can click) there’s just a short review process to determine if it’s being used in an acceptable/legal way.

Be much obliged if anyone ever stumbles across this thread and it’s NOT viewable (even after the contest ends); then I can swap out the music.

“Nothingsevergonnastandinmyway (Except YouTube!)”