Ok folks. First round of the FIXED AXLE CHALLENGE has officially begun! Check the official rules thread, but basically this is a “monkey see, monkey do” shootout. Just film yourself hitting the trick I do on a fixed axle yoyo, and post the link in this thread. You’ve got 3 days to post it, ending at 12p on 4/27. Starting nice and easy for round 1: Trapeze Stall, Brother Stall, back to Trapeze (spinning) and then Flyaway Dismount. MUST hit it just like this and conform to the full rules to move on to round 2!


Oh crud

Rough start, but a good start.

Oh. Posted the video in the wrong thread. Anyway, I hit it.

Little harder than I thought it would be for a first trick, but definitely doable. Will edit in a link when I get home and can film it!

Edit: Here’s the trick! Round 2, here I come!

You have to show the yoyo and axle.

I really hope this is clean enough. If not ill film another.

Yeee filming tomorrow and upload at the night, hopefully.

He’s using a wood-thread 2014 eh. I’m good with it if Andre and Garrett are.
Stoked to have some folks going to Round 2. :slight_smile:

Here’s my submission!

I thought Theyd start harder than this. I may have to give it a go.

The hard part is def the flip dismount. I have to regen really hard to get enough spin, and then have to flip very cleanly. Still working on it.

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i don’t think there’s supposed to be a stall on the last trapeze


Here’s mine:

This is correct

So 3 hours of non-stop attempts later and all I have to show for it are a couple of painfully blistered fingers, the knowledge that I cannot do that final bind to save my life, and a new found respect for fixed axle players. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well, I gave it a shot. Really impressed by those of you who have hit it so far, this looks like it’s going to be a quality contest. ;D

Try doing that roll forward to get the feel for it. May help.

I almost got it. The only frustrating thing is getting it to sleep again, my yoyo cannot sleep for anything. I almost got it though. The rest is easy, I learned it a few days before the contest :slight_smile:

Yeah those stalls really hurt your fingers.

The last part isn’t really a bind. It’s a fly away dismount. It’s essentially doing the beginning of an Eli hop, where you pop the yoyo up. Because the yoyo responds, it returns to your hand. Remember, the last part of the video isn’t a stall, it’s a man on the flying trapeze with the yoyo spinning.


Yeah the point of the trapeze at the end is kind of to make it hard for people who are using SUPER responsive yoyo’s set for stalls only. Gotta be well rounded. I can pretty much guarantee that no binds will be allowed in any of these tricks.

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