I needed a kick in the rear to play more fixed axle.

I’ll be keen on seeing how far I can go.

I’m just in it for the heck of it!

Thanks for giving me something to do on the weekends Ed lol.

Would we be allowed to resubmit?
(For example, since I had the stall at the end)

Sure. You’ve got till Monday at 12p. :slight_smile:

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Alright, here’s my submission. Yeah, that dismount was nearly the death of me.

Forgot to show the axle, but I’m using an OUT Cheap Thrills, and as far as I know OUTs don’t even come apart. Hope that’s alright!

Video is set to private.

Here’s my submission again but without the stall at the end!

Fixed. ( :wink: )

Thanks for the heads up.

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Almost there. I’ve been able to land it on my Raider and my One. The Butterfly isn’t quite there for the dismount, but I’ll post if i get there on time.

Here’s my entry. I can refilm it, but since you can turn on the sound and tell there’s no bearing, I don’t think it’s necessary. YoYo used is a Flying Camel No-Jive.

^Kyle Nations’ entry^
I’m stoked to see how this all plays out. I’d love to see a bunch of funky fresh new fixed axle players start to bloom because of this contest. :wink:


For your approval. Used the Fidalgo for this one, great balance of stall ability and long spin.

Complete. Can still post a POV if need be to show only one string is being landed on during trapeze and his brother stall.

Ok.  Got mine recorded.

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Here is mine

Here’s mine. The dismount was fun.

I am not entering in this contest, but I couldn’t resist the challenge. I am using the OUT Free Spirit which I am offering as part of the winner of this contest’s prize package.