FORUM CONTEST! Ed Haponik’s Fixed Axle Challenge!

It’s Time For a Forum Contest! Get Ready for Ed Haponik’s Fixed-axle Challenge!

Ed Haponik just finished making some amazing fixed-axle tutorials for and to celebrate we thought an epic fixed-axle contest was in order!

The Contest:

Every few days Ed will be posting a video of a trick. You will have three days to film yourself successfully hitting that trick and post a link on the forums.

This will be a knockout style contest. You must compete in every round from the start of the contest and everyone who successfully completes the trick will move on. If you cannot complete a trick then you will be eliminated and cannot compete in the next round.

Once one round ends, the next will begin. The contest rounds will get increasingly difficult and will go on until we have one winner!

The Rules:

  • Must use fixed axle yo-yo to compete.

  • Must show yo-yo/axle to verify it is fixed axle in beginning of video.

  • Must post video link (Youtube or Instagram) within 3 days of Ed’s posted trick.

  • Must hit the trick correctly (Ed will judge) or you will be eliminated.

  • Must compete in all rounds of contest from the beginning to qualify to move on.

  • Once eliminated you cannot compete in any following rounds.


Get to Round 2 and Win – 10% OFF YOYOEXPERT COUPON CODE!

Get to Round 4 and Win – 20% OFF YOYOEXPERT COUPON CODE!

RUNNER-UP PRIZE – An Ed Haponik Signed No Jive!

GRAND PRIZE – Last person standing wins a Broke Village Fidalgo & Ed Signed Play Simply No Jive!

Get Started!

Fixed Axle Yo-Yos:

Ed’s Videos:



Thanks a ton, YOYOEXPERT for hosting fixed axle tutorials, and for helping to legitimize the distinct style that modern fixed-axle has become. If any of you have thought about trying fixed, but it seemed daunting, I hope this will give you a reason to give it a go!

Let’s do this, kids.


do i get kudo points if i use a homemade one?

Looks like fun. May have to start making some videos ;D

This looks like a fun contest. I can’t wait!

Since I am not able to film or send entries I will not be participating in the contest. But, be assured I will be working each day to learn the demonstrated tricks.

This is gunna be AWESOME!

What other yoyos count as fixed axle?

Butterfly’s (except XT), no jives, russels, OUT’s, TMBR’s, Hildy Bros., Fidalgo…there’s a lot out there to choose from.


not to mention imperial, proyo, profly, technic, manta ray, apollo, blackbird, lightning, phantom, spitfire, wood rocks… there are a ton.

but IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION whether your yo-yo is a fixed axle and you want to do the contest, make sure to hit me up to be on the safe side. a fixed axle yo-yo has no ball bearing, and though it MAY have a sleeve that goes over a steel axle, when tightened that sleeve is FIXED (doesn’t spin).

honestly, for most of the tricks i have planned for this contest, it wouldn’t help you much to try to use a bearing yo-yo. the tricks will start simple and basic, and progress from there. definitely the kind of thing where if you try it, you might find that you do better than expected, so give it a shot.


Okay, good. Cuz I was wondering if I could use my Butterfly. I might be able to join this contest now! ;D
Let me try to see if I can find it lol

I just made myself a promise not to not any more yoyos this month. It looks like I’m buying myself a Butterfly tomorrow.

If I modify Yoyo Factory Fast 201 or other yoyo with wooden axle or plastic axle will it be counted as fixed axle and I don’t have a fixed axle yoyo and even if I buy one now I don’t think it will come at time and ed can you tell me about modify thing?

And what are dpthe dimensions of a wooden axle or are the same as A size bearing?

Depends on the throw. A no jive axle sleeve is just under 3/8 inches. I’ve not transferred a wooden axle into a butterfly before so I’m not sure on that one. As far as modifying a bearing yoyo into a Fixie…I’ll let Ed take that one. Never even thought of attempting it.

I know this is probably considered “not-cheating-but-cheating” but if we don’t have accessibility to a fixed axle (me and possibly others) if we were to take out the bearing of (insert name of yoyo with a ball bearing here), could we use that in the competition?

Kind of like making your own fixed axle, but a bearing can be installed without modification at a later date.

Can I use a GN Yoyo Co TEXT? It has no axle but is wood and plays like a Fixed.

i’ll talk to andre about it.
i would definitely prefer that people just use a regular fixed axle yo-yo. support the store and the companies and buy one if you don’t have one. or if there’s no time to do that online find an imperial or butterfly at a local store.

for anyone concerned about “cheating”, for the tricks i have planned, i assure you a bearing yo-yo is not going to help you.


^Thanks, ed, I just have no money to buy yoyos with right now (as always) and I have some TEXTs on me that I can use.

I am not a good player but along with my wooden fixed axles I practice with a $5 Duncan Butterfly a little bit each day.