Fixed axle February, a reminder

Hi folks

Just a reminder, if we’re going to make Fixed Axle February something special, we need to start stepping up our fixed axle today…

Awesome video.

Time to pull out my Butterfly and get practicing!

Time to pull out my seventies Fixed Wooden yo…YEAH!

Holy moly! That’s a great idea. I’m already warmed up on my stalls.

Anyone else willing to give it a go?

Come on people - let’s make February something monumental!

now wheres that wooden doohickey of mine…?

February is so eventful! PNWR, Fixed axle February, My Birthday!

MINE TOO! Cover the world in fixed axle yoyos!

I just found my Duncan Imperial.
Only thing is, how do you get knots out? I apparently shoved scissors into the gap and sliced up the axle making it razor sharp. The axle now eats my strings alive.

^^ The ideal situation is to not get knots in the first place… But if you do get one - toothpicks are pointy enough to unpick knots, and soft enough not to do any damage to the axle.

Get some bobby pins. Knot a problem any longer!

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I thought it was no bearing November…


And Team February was formed!

I got to get a TMBR

Get one soon!

Just got my Lovejoy in the mail last week along with a hundred count of cotton strings. So…as far as fixed axle Febuary is concerned…I’m in like skin.

Fixed-axle February, No Bearing November; why don’t we just not use modern yoyos for the whole dang year?

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