Fixed Axle


The fixed axle hype died down from last year. with the contest and 365 fixed axle challenge. I hope people didn’t stop playing fixed, hopefully with summer on the way I have lots of time to start up online fixed axle events or stuff like that. i’m not an optimist or someone who sticks to there words, but hopefully i do for this one.


I actually just started getting into fixed axle. It’s hard, but I love the challenge. I too am surprised about how little hype fixies get, I mean, have you seen Ed Haponik (sorry Ed, I’m sure I butchered your last name) and the stuff he can do?! It’s insane! To me it makes we wanna to get better at fixed axle so I try to get up to where he is and at least attempt what he does. Overall, I seriously don’t know why it’s dying…

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I don’t think it’s dying. There are a lot of us that still play fixed a lot. Probably 85% of my playing is fixed axle. Even took all of February to his year and only played a single fixed axle all month.

I’d like to get a camera this year to add to the fixed axle trick circle videos.


I think it’s dying because it’s not the cool thing to do in yoyoing. Also it’s thought of as a beginner yoyo.


I am not any good with the new fixed axle tricks but I keep on trying. I have, however, become hooked on collecting fixed axles. It is relatively inexpensive and fun.


I try to throw a fixed axle at least a few minutes a day, often longer. I’m not great (heck, I’m barely Ok), but, it is fun and rewarding. I still get excited about hitting kick flip suicides and most recently a chopsticks stall!

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fixed isn’t going anywhere.
it doesn’t need to be “the cool thing to do”, and there will always be players (beginners and grand-masters and everyone in between) for whom it will have meaning and appeal.



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Fixed axle is how it all started.

Fixed axle is like paddling a canoe over to an Island instead of taking a motorboat.

Fixed axle is like climbing a mountain instead of taking a ski lift to the top.

Fixed axle is like actually reading a book instead of going to the College bookstore and buying the Cliff notes edition.

Fixed axle is like making it through a video game without any extra lives.

Fixed axle is not the Easy way out of the yoyo jungle. It’s the Battle route. It’s the hoop with the fire. Fighting the bear with Teeth. It’s the Smile that happens when you can do Spirit Bomb on wood.

It’s an Adventure… A Challenge… A test of mental endurance and fortitude. It’s something that ‘everybody’ will never do. <Because it’s Work. It’s not easy.

Most people will have a perfectly fun time getting on a bike and rolling down the road.

But there are those that would rather get out the Mountain bike when it’s raining and crank straight up that muddy hill.

It’s a test of patience.

Have you ever microwaved Fish sticks? They’re edible but that’s about it.

Baking them in the oven is more time consuming. But the results are worth the effort.

It’s all about what you are willing to do to Achieve something to remember.

Fixed axle has little to do about being ‘cool’.

Fixed axle has more to do about how ‘cool’ it is when you hit ‘that trick’…!

Just like Grandpa used to when they had nothing but fixed axle.

…and when you have those fish sticks in the oven; you have an extra 9 minutes to throw fixed👍

Don’t forget the tartar sauce😎


One of the best posts I’ve ever read here yoyodoc!


I didn’t realize how hungry I was for fish sticks until reading yoyodoc’s post. IMO, he captured the essence of fixed - it’s hard, but, that is what makes it so fun and rewarding. Now to just find a recipe for tartar sauce…


It’s fun to feel like you’re in a community of fixed axle players, but above all make sure you do it because you love doing it. I probably play 50% of the time with a 2015 Baldwin and it’s all for me. Now that I’ve shared that, it’s 99% for me and 1% for you guys.

Still obsessed with doing shoot the moon and round the world combos continuously… I play pretty simply :wink:


I think it’s good to have people to relate with.


Sir, we have different ideas of simple. shoot the moon and lunar landing still baffle me. Of course, the video for shoot the moon makes it look easy (but, André can make anything look easy) I just need to buckle down, put in the time, and let the trick develop through work sessions.

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In aikido we say all the time that “simple isn’t easy”. Very true for fixed axle.
Shoot the Moon is very simple - even more so than Loop-the-Loop and way more simple than Split-the-Atom. A Varial or Kickflip is simple… But man they ain’t easy, especially to learn! I think the fact that there’s not much TO them but they are still so esoteric is one of the things that keeps progressive fixed axle feeling radical (even if it’s also one of the things keeping it from gaining widespread traction).

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Fixed axles turns a regular yoyoer into a philosopher.

Anyway, the last time I play fixed was yesterday, and I managed to get a friend into it too. Now he is making prototypes and actually do it more than me, which is great.
Also I saw yoyovideoarchive uploaded videos of fixed axle division in Japan, with the system similar to kendama grading I think.
So dying, nope.

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SO true.

Lol skill toy dan-rankings are the thing right now. Come to the YO-jo! Black belts for everybody!


Black belts, not black string?


We all need yoyo black belts.


No, just no. There’s nothing that makes fish sticks worth the effort. Tartar sauce or not.