FORUM CONTEST! Ed Haponik’s Fixed Axle Challenge!


The text is a fixed axle.


I just bought a $5 Duncan Butterfly for this contest. Holy Cow that thing is hard to make sleep. How did I even do Rock the Baby back in the 60s when I was a kid? This will really be a challenge.

(major_seventh) #23

Love my butterfly, and have had it for over half my life (only like 8 years :P)

I can do all kinds of advanced tricks on it; stick with it! ;D


i’m ready. i’m going to be filming while on vacation since i’ll be away for the first two rounds.


Awesome contest idea! As a mostly fixed axle player I think it will be fun to see more people giving it a shot.


Ok, i got my first fixed axle finally! (Duncan Wheels)

I have never OFFICIALLY tried fixed play, but it is wayyyy more fun than i thought!

now I will definitely try to compete! :slight_smile:


I have been wondering the same thing. It sure seemed like it was easier back in the 60’s.


That’s mostly due to product changes between then and now. You know the mantra, “they don’t make things like they used to.” This is the case with the Duncan Butterfly. I don’t mean that as a slight against Duncan, I’ve had a couple of those new butterfly’s and they sleep neither near as easy, nor as long as the models from the 60’s and 70’s do. They’ve changed material and adjusted the shape. More heft to them in my opinion (not proven, I’ve never put them on scales to check to be honest).

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(rizkiyoist) #29

Aww so that basically means no gyro flop fixed axle?
Anyway, I’m so down with this!


at least not at first.
part of our secret reason for doing this is to get people to try playing fixed axles in a more “fixed axle” style as opposed to JUST doing regular 1a challenges with them. don’t get me wrong - you might see that stuff in some of the later rounds of the contest, but to start out, it’s safe to say there will be more stall/flip/regen/stop-n-go based tricks. The kind of stuff that fixed axles do way BETTER than bearing-yo-yo’s. :slight_smile:


I have to agree. My 70’s Butterfly’s play much easier than my new ones. I am still looking for an early 60’s edition to compare.


Will there be any one handed looping? I just learned to my suprise that the No jive is pretty good at looping. It’s one of the best loopers I’ve

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #33

Can we use Yoyofactory Loop 808 or Duncan Pulse? Or just putting the string on axle on responsive yoyo?


you definitely can’t use a bearing yo-yo.
i guess if you have NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE, you can have the string right on the axle of some yo-yo, but your string will get shredded and it really won’t sleep. plus you’ll have to make a point of taking it apart in the video to show that the string is right on the axle. the idea is definitely to use an actual fixed axle yo-yo, and you’ll have a much harder time with anything else.


Sweet this will be fun


Just got back from vacation to this!


So looking forward to it! I think it will be a blast!

For those asking about not having a yoyo, go to Rite-Aid/Toys R Us/Target and buy a Duncan Butterfly for $3-5. If you can, support YYE and get one here. From Tom Kuhn to TMBR to OUT and Hildy bros, they all make AMAZING throws that are worth their weight in gold IMHO.

If you want something that will allow you to feel more like the 1A metals you know and use, try a Fidalgo by Broke Village, spins really smooth and has a more metal feel because it’s metal.

C’mon people, get into the spirit of this… time to play yoyo on Hard!

Looking forward to it Ed. Thanks guys for doing this. Got this old man pumped!

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(major_seventh) #37

I think I’ll do it! I can hit spirit bomb on a No-Jive after all.

Will you be posting the Tricks here Ed? Or will it be on a separate link? Do we post our vids here?

Thanks for the awesome contest!


I just found an old “TWC” promotional yoyo to use. :slight_smile:

Just started to learn fixed axle on the new YYE tutorials. Result? SUPER FUN!!! ;D
Wow never realized that it was this fun until now. It feels like I am learning the basics all over again, which is such a great feeling. I learned Undermount, Trapeze, and Brother all in one sitting. Now I’m working on “Making Da Zines” it looks so hard lol

I will probably lose this contest, but it’ll be fun at least


Berto, you are so right. I have tired of hearing so many who want to modify a bearing throw or cheat or can not afford a $5 Duncan (but will spend $50-100 on a bearing throw). I have several of both fixed and bearing throws and I am on a fixed income.


I’m intrigued. Hildy Currier ordered.