Fixed Axle February Contest


This is going to be fun. Think about entering.


I think it’s Great that you would organize such a Contest; with seriously good judges and amazing prize packages.


But; even though ‘we’ all know everybody on Earth is 104 percent honest and would never even think about getting sneaky just to win yo-yo prizes; how can you be sure all entrants are actually using fixed axle yo-yos?

I spent years making bearing yo-yos out of fixed axle yo-yos.

But I am most likely the only person on any yo-yo forum that would even consider that rare player that might fudge a bit; to win a grip of yoyos🤔

Hopefully; you will get 3 entrants before the end of the month; so each could win a prize😎


Good thought doc. Maybe the participants can also submit a short clip of the gap of the yoyo with their entry video. Or better yet just show the gap of the yoyo right before or right after their trick circle. Idk just a thought. This is a cool contest btw. I really love me some fixed axle but unfortunately at this time I am still very young in my fixed axle career and very unskilled. Lol. I guess I could hope for the random prizes and it would be fun just to make the vid :blush:.


Players showed their gap in ED’s fixed axle challenge awhile back.

However, in general the types of tricks performed, and probably the ones most likely to win, will be easier on a fixed axle.

Still, not a bad idea to add that requirement.

Big Thanks to you, Nate, Ed, and Jensen!!!


I’m not too worried about cheating. If anything looks suspicious, I’ll follow up. If someone is sneaky enough to get a bearing past 4 guys who play a lot of fixed axle, maybe they deserve a prize just for that.


It’s not in good taste to show ones gap :-\




Huh? if someone’s really good at cheating they deserve to win something?! ???


In a sarcastic sense meaning that would be impressive lol


Gee, thanks for clearing that up. ::slight_smile:


Your surprised reaction and question insinuated that clearing up was needed! hehe :wink: ;D

Back to the topic, I need to pull out my YYF Legand for this (only fixed axle i have!)


There are so many good honest throwers here that I can not imagine any cheating going on.

I never played well enough to enter and being ill (throwing makes me dizzy) I cannot enter, but, I am looking forward to seeing all of the entries.


I bought myself a couple standard Duncan Butterflies from Wal Mart. Been practicing. FaF said “you gonna learn, today!”. I’ve landed like 5 or 6 new tricks just in the last week and a half or so, working on getting consistent. Tryin to learn to shoot the moon so I can land Lunar Landing properly instead of just from a breakaway. I got the two basic front stalls. Working in forward pass and trapeze stalls. I can even hit a brother mount on an unresponsive throw yet or I’d go for a brother stall.


I think I was having a couple of crotchety old man moments! ;D

Sounds like you’re having fun with it!


Yea, I like the slower paced, more laid back feel of this style. It suits me.

Got a question. Wood yoyos. I want a finish that will spin on my skin. Solely for tape measures. I like the simple neatness to finish up a set of tricks. Like the difference between my Deep State and my First Base. The First Base hops around. The Deep State spins smoothly and pulls in the string nicely. I want to make sure I get the finish that will do that when I get this Legend Wing I’m looking at.

(Spinworthy Glen) #16

Wood yoyos that are unfinished or fiished with wax work very well for tape measures.

The YYF Legend Wing will work great with this. So will any of my Spinworthy yoyos.


And now I’m gonna go google Spinworthy yoyos.


I got a woody on the way. Ordered a Legend Wing and a 25 pack of cotton strings. Also got some Ziplines to try out. Gonna try to be good enough that I can throw together a clip towards the end of the month and toss my hat in this ring.


Nice! I like my legend wing :slight_smile:


Only 6 days in February left