Fixed Axle February Contest -- Who's IN?

Last year, a few of us entered the official world’s one and only Fixed Axle February video contest. I’m not too humble to admit that I won, but I will happily admit that I was super glad the contest was primarily for “entertainment value” and “showing love for fixed axle” and not a skills contest.

This year, the prizes are bonkers. And my skills aren’t much improved. :wink: But I have a few ideas to capitalize on the fact that once again it’s not a skills/tricks based contest. Want some of those prizes pretty bad… not going to list them all, but even when they announced that a Benchmark O was up for grabs, that was enough motivation for me. And they’ve announced other stuff on par (or depending on your preferences, better!) with that. Too good to pass up on!

I guess I’d be better off trying to limit the number of competitors so I can grab that stash… but honestly, the CLYW contest I recently entered showed me how fun it is to have a large number of players on the field… by the end of the CLYW thing, the prizes weren’t the main thing any more. I’d like to see the same thing happen here… get a bunch of my YYE peeps after dem yoyos (and astrojax… and strings…).

Who’s planning on entering? For me it’s a no-brainer. :smiley:

Rules are here if you want to check’em out:,70750.0.html – take note, skill and being able to nail tricks isn’t what’s going to win those throws. Let’s do this!

I’m down… been practicing every night. Soaking in the oldschool stuff guys did with fixed axles in the 80’s and 90’s. Daniel Volk, Dennis Mcbride … i need some more names. I’ll be attempting to throw in some more modern “DruEd” :slight_smile: stuff … they make it look too easy sometimes.

that being said … I’m gonna “Yoyo Everywhere” with my fixed axle this month ;D … hint hint …

and talking about prizes… did you see those sweet wooden lazered Fixed Axle February 2014 yo’s… If i don’t happen to get one… i’ll be offering to purchase it off of someone who does.

Me! I have a few ideas that I have already started filming- going for second place! (After greg, of course)

Hahah! 2nd place is likely to have some great prizes, too… but man… I’ll be happy to even crack top-3!

It’ll be a success if I simply record, edit, and post a video … this is all im shooting for.

I’m gonna make a video. Have a good theme too!

Prizes… :slight_smile: Uploading the OUT/Voodama announcement right now.

Those engraved woodies came to us from the good people over at YYF. They play like a dream. I love Yoyos of that style (even though they’re near impossible to land tricks on!) and the raw wood just feels really good.

I’ll make an official announcement later, but the YYF woodies will be available for $3 shipped for anyone who didn’t win a prize package (international shipping will be more). The $3 almost covers domestic shipping. We’d love to send one to each of you for free but the cost of running the contest is high enough without another $60 in shipping added on. There will be 18 of the commemorative Yoyos left after the prizes have been handed out.

Right on. That’s a fair deal if you ask me… you can’t be expected to pay for the shipping of 20+ packages out of your own pocket.

I should also point out, any YYFs that don’t get shipped as part of the contest will be handed out at clubs or contests I attend.

Man I thought we’d have more people hit up this post by now… I’m feeling good about my chances so far.

I didn’t think I would have time to get anything done for the contest this year, but thanks to being snowed out of work today and tomorrow I believe I can get a little something together.

Right on, right on.

So in it hurts.

little something for you guys to chew on … im not gonna use this footage for my FAF 2014 submission… caue the front facing camera sucks on my iPhone 4… that being said…

I pulled off a sweet split the atom … when is the last time you pulled that off on your fixed axle? Or even better… when was the last time you even tried?

I’m going to make my video on the more “entertaining” side then the real trick side… Cuz I can’t really do much haha.

Yessir… cause you guys just saw about how deep my trick bag is fixed axle wise… there will need to be entertainment factor in mine as well.

I’m in, can’t wait to finish the video 8) Loving fixed axle play!

That’s you and me both!

My Dad Yo Man, My Dad Yo Man.
I do not like that Dad Yo Man.
Do you like fixed axle play, Try it Try it… and you may.
I do not like fixed axle play i’d rather play bearings anyway.

Will you fix axle in the house… etc

^My kid’s idea… he just made editing this thing 10x more difficult. But at least i got him to participate.

Haha, awesome.