The drama! The pageantry! The unmitigated grit!
These guys are bleeding and bruising for the glory of yo!

The 10th Round pitted our competitors against a a burly stall-combo, making them feel the gut-wrenching agony of late-trick misses and giving them front row seats to the ever-present grudge-match between belief and doubt. Adam was eliminated (certainly due in part to his travel situation), but he’s been a pro about it, as ever. Someone and Logi battled through, and so a new round awaits… and we go HEAD-TO-HEAD for Round 11:

Throw Trapeze and pull up into a Stop-n-Go. Perform a Stop-n-Pop into a Brother Stall. Kickflip into another Brother Stall, then Kickflip again into reverse Trapeze Stall (throw-hand underneath). Regen into a Lunar Trapeze Stall before regenerating again into a Shoot the Moon on the throw-hand side.

Vids are due by 7:30p EST on Saturday 5/23.


I think we both got this.

Just about did it, but my iPad has 5% so I’m gonna charge it. Should have a vid today.

I miss the "nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"s from both of you xD

You guys are so good.
Every time I messed up I unraveled the string and did a snap start to trapeze stall. I think it is permanently embedded in my brain now.


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Dude dang already?

Took me under 3 minutes.

Who did you beat to posting?

Had to wait for it to charge… woulda beat ya!  :wink:

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I know! Got lucky ;D
Time for round 12!!!

hahahaha i love it.
just a sec.

Time to cook dinner and settle down for the night. Will be back at it tomorrow.

Gunna go finish some chores and do some slacklining. Probly come back and check after that.

Hey Ed, on the Stop-n-pop, how do you restart that sucker without literally sawing your non-throw hand index finger off with the string? Every time I try this it BURNS!!!. I feel like I have to pull pretty hard to generate rotation. Am I missing something?

a callous of steel? i don’t know. the stop-n-go loop kind of protects it. there are some tricks we haven’t gotten to yet that are way worse string-burn chainsaws than that one. i think maybe the product of countless eli-hops and knuckle-smashes have deadened the nerves there?

LOL… I hear ya… I guess its grin and bear it then… I made another throw last night on the lathe - This time I got it to 58gm with White oak. It’s got great spin time… I’m closing in on Spirit Bomb now… It’ll hang long enough to get through it I think.

I’m a couple of weeks behind but am going to work through all these tricks on my own. Thanks for doing this.