(ed) #1

Well, evidently 11 was less challenging than I thought. Still I like that trick, and definitely worth making the guys hit it. I like this “speed round” stuff. Let’s go to 12, then!

GT Wrist-Whip (NOT Brent Stole), hop out to Trapeze. Somersault into a Suicide. Eli Hop into Trapeze Stall, Kickflip out, back to the hand.

Due 5/23 by 9:00p EST. :slight_smile:

Revisiting Ed Hoponik's Fixed Axle Challenge
(major_seventh) #2


Nah I’m just kidding, this is terrifying. ;D

Gonna grab my lovejoy.


Dat suicide…

(major_seventh) #4

Ooo actually this isn’t too bad at all.

I know what you did Ed… :wink:


We all know what he did :smiley:


Double post but oh well…

That one took me nearly 6 minutes!



(major_seventh) #8

This was actually easy.

Dangit Logi, you beat me by about 5 mins.


You guys are insane.

(major_seventh) #10

I gotta say, this whole challenge is gonna come down to who can beat the other to the sudden death.

(ed) #11



I’m doing my best to keep sudden death from happening.

(major_seventh) #13

But whatever happens, I’m not gonna let a competition get so serious it gets in the way of us, Fixed axle misfits (I think we’ve joined the club? :slight_smile: )

I’m always gonna have a smile on my face throughout this.


Man you guys stomped that round - that was awesome! Good luck on the next one :wink: