Well, evidently 11 was less challenging than I thought. Still I like that trick, and definitely worth making the guys hit it. I like this “speed round” stuff. Let’s go to 12, then!

GT Wrist-Whip (NOT Brent Stole), hop out to Trapeze. Somersault into a Suicide. Eli Hop into Trapeze Stall, Kickflip out, back to the hand.

Due 5/23 by 9:00p EST. :slight_smile:

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Nah I’m just kidding, this is terrifying. ;D

Gonna grab my lovejoy.

Dat suicide…

Ooo actually this isn’t too bad at all.

I know what you did Ed… :wink:

We all know what he did :smiley:

Double post but oh well…

That one took me nearly 6 minutes!



This was actually easy.

Dangit Logi, you beat me by about 5 mins.

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You guys are insane.

I gotta say, this whole challenge is gonna come down to who can beat the other to the sudden death.


I’m doing my best to keep sudden death from happening.

But whatever happens, I’m not gonna let a competition get so serious it gets in the way of us, Fixed axle misfits (I think we’ve joined the club? :slight_smile: )

I’m always gonna have a smile on my face throughout this.

Man you guys stomped that round - that was awesome! Good luck on the next one :wink: