The 7 rounds it’s taken to get to this point have not been pushovers (or at least they weren’t MEANT to be). The 4 dudes left have everything it takes to be the most profound voices in this little style we’ve got kindling. I hope regardless of who does what from here on out, that they will keep making themselves heard…

But for now it’s Stage 8 of this Tour de Fixed they’ve got to negotiate… and we’re takin’ it off-plane!

Double-Sidewinder (throwhand-freehand) to Backhand-Balance (showing control), then Undermount Stall before Kickflipping to Trapeze Stall. Regenerate into UFO and recapture in another Trapeze Stall before bringing it back to the hand with a Makin da Zine.

Deadline for vids to be posted below is Monday 5/18 at 9p EST. Round 9 could begin ANYTIME after the final competitors clear this round.


Wow. This is going to be tough.


The four Dudes left have the LOUDEST voices.

And all I can do is copy yooldman and berto, WOW!

I hope if it gets down to 2 people there are plenty of ThunderDome references running around. As for this…I think there may be an echo in here.


You guys got this.


I’ll join the wow club on this one.


That looks like a lot of fun. I’ve been trying to get that double sidewinder backhand stall down for awhile, unfortunately real life isn’t in slow motion ;D maybe can get some tips on it from Ed?


For some reason, on the backhand stall the yoyo ends up wrapped the wrong way. So if I threw it off my hand, it would spin the opposite of a sleeper (no duh).


Maybe the trick is in how you transfer from throw-hand to nonthrow-hand side? I’m not really great at sidewinders, though I’ll see how this round goes. I still haven’t hit the last few rounds, but I’ve at least tried to break down each trick and I’ve learned a lesson I’ve learned many times before: I’ve got a lot to learn.

Each round of this exhibits what I see as milestones of the fixed axle journey and they’re more and more epic as they go. If it is like this in round 8, I’d like to see what round 20 of this competition would look like. I’m just trying to imagine what kind of insanity would be exhibited.

I’m out but I think I’ll try this anyways.


Do not feel bad, SkinnyBNY, I am still working to learn #1.

What on earth just happened? Did Ed just break physics…? :-\

No, apparently he just has a tight grasp of it.

Such a tight grasp.

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Isn’t ed a science teacher? A.K.A master of physics

this tight?
no I think it’s tighter than this
no I guess it’s tighter
and even tighter than this tight
oh yeah it’s THIS tight, that’s about right

Late to the party but woooooooow. And best of luc yooldman my man.


So… I’m leaving tomorrow for a weeklong camping trip, so this is probably my final bow either way.

I don’t think this will count, (the backhand stall fell right before going into the undermount) but I wanted to get something up before I leave just in case.

Either way, good luck to everyone still standing!

I’m impressed by all of you and want to shake your hands!