(ed) #1

OK, here we go again!
Round 1 is over - check the results in that thread and read through the points I made. Things get tougher (and stricter) as we progress…

You’ve got 72 hours and change (expiring at 2PM EST on Thursday, 4/30) to hit this trick:

Learn it in the tutorial section if you don’t know it, and hit 3 CLEAN REPS of it (ending in a stall) JUST LIKE THIS to move on to Round 3. You DO NOT have to go this fast, but it does have to be clean. It should evoke the feeling of Mark McBride’s classic trick “the Zipper”. Have fun (or get horribly frustrated - either way) and KILL THIS TRICK!!!

Revisiting Ed Hoponik's Fixed Axle Challenge

Yes!!! This trick and dump trucks are the only trick’s I have learned so far from the tutorials! Video to follow when I am off work. :slight_smile:

Finally filmed myself. :slight_smile:


Ooh! One of my faves!

(major_seventh) #4

Sweet! I love this trick. I’ll get mine in today for sure.


Yup, you’re gonna win


Switching back to my ProYo!

(Nathan Martsolf) #7

This is fun!

(rizkiyoist) #8

This is a funny way to learn “regular” zipper because I have never learned that on a bearing yoyo. Video soon probably tomorrow.

(major_seventh) #9




I decided I’d go for the pagoda set-up on my no-Jive just for fun!





but I think deep-down… we all know Kyle Nations has this in the bag.


I think more than a few of us said “Oh, Crap,” when we saw Kyle enter ;D

(ed) #15

i’ma work both you guys OUT.
along with anybody else who wants to stick around. :wink:

(Nathan Martsolf) #16

I’m here to play!


Bring it!

I’m pummmmped for it


Keep 'em coming Ed!


I’m going to go until my finger falls off. :slight_smile:


Boom.  Your move, Ed :wink: