Man, you guys are good.
I had some folks say Superflow was comparatively easy, but when you try to hit 3 reps of it on wood, you realize there’s some subtlety involved (and probably a sore wrist).

In any case, our competitors are truly KILLING IT. It has been SO FUN to watch every round, and several have punched these past few tricks out far more easily and quickly than I’d have thought possible. This being the case, we will stick with the 2-day format.

Also, in the interest of not messing anyone else up with rule-changes, I want to bring up a potential issue and how we might resolve it. I’m leaving town on 6/11. I’ll be out of the country for awhile and unable to post or watch tricks. So IF we get to that point, beginning on 6/9, we will enter a “shootout” round to determine a winner. I’ll reveal more details on that later, and of course it’s only a contingency IF (big if) these guys can continue to jump the hurdles I’ve got set, several of which are rigged with spikes and explosions.

Case in point, Round 10:

Snap-start to Trapeze Stall, perform a backside 360 Varial (by pulling the string toward your body), immediately throw a Kickflip, then regenerate and Shoot the Moon into a Mars Landing before hopping the yo-yo up and into a Lunar Landing. Regen back to the hand, flick the rubble off your shoulder, and bask in the terrible glory of your new home, Round 11. (Assuming you post your vids here by 7:30p EST on Thursday 5/20, that is.)

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everyone is dead

I don’t think so.

well, the people who are at this level probably arent dead but that looks really hard…

I’ll give it my best shot!


The guys left definitely have this in them. I was wondering when Varials would come into play in this competition, was this one of the Aces up your sleeve Ed?

So much going on here that it made my head spin. How long did this take to hit on film Ed? (Just for curiosity’s sake)

Just need to learn mars landing I think…


I am voting for you to win this :wink:

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I would call this more like a Jack. The Aces are coming. :wink:
It didn’t take me long, but these are elements I do a lot. It’s really just in sequence that they become sketchy.

Jacks? Really? I can’t wait to see what’s coming then. It will be breathtaking I’m sure.

Scratch that, I can do everything but the varial thing consistently. ;D I FEEL THE POWER

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Ahhh this is a nice break from long string tricks!
But that shoot the moon scares me.

Oh yeah, now we’re talking!

Going to try and get this one too Ed. The last 3 tricks have been the tits!


Made me think of

It’s definitely a challenge, the body varial 360. When I can hit it (rarely) I still have the rest of the combo lol. You’re a sly one, Ed, putting this at the beginning… :slight_smile:

It was definitely a little frustrating not being able to hit the trick within 15 minutes, but it’s about time I’m humbled a little.

Back to work!

The varial and the shoot the moon combo are killing me.
So basically the whole trick.

I am sooooo looking forward to seeing all three past to 11.
Good luck!

Good luck. but you guys probably don’t need it. You guys can kick some @$$ in fixed axle.

This is insannneee.

I know that someone will hit it though. I think that the time constraint is going to be the great divider.

about 10x I hit the full trick in front of the camera last night, but could never hit the lunar.

I’ll get it.