Fixed Axle February Video Contest 2013

Great video. I really did inspire me… to practice. Great work on putting together this contest to everyone involved.

Just over a week to get your entries in…


OK, I’m going to put up a video. Don’t laugh, my style has often been compared to an old lady fighting off bees with a broom.

Sweet! I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

And here are the yoyos that will be in the prizes. Except the one that says Waylon because that one is for Waylon.

There are 2 wing shaped yoyos in the prizes and 2 looping yoyos. Sorry but the other looper is not posted because its glue is drying.

The three on the left are take apart wing shaped. The one the right is not take apart and a looper
Each will come with an extra axle (not pictured) thanks for who is participating these turned out beautiful.

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Those did turn out nice! Thanks! I’m looking forward to throwing it :slight_smile:

One of the sponsors asked if a team member could participate. The answer is yes. I had already encouraged BigYoyo to get his team members to make entries. The contest is open to everyone except frodoslair and me, since we are judging. Heck, even the sponsors themselves can make entries. We just want people to participate and have fun.

Thanks for the contribution! It doubled as a great excuse to order a few of those axles :slight_smile:

Tick tock tick tock

Yoyoexpertman54’s contribution to the prize package came this afternoon. He was generous enough to include a gift throw for me. This thing stalls like a dream. It feels a little like a Fremont (my favorite Tmbr so far) but a few grams lighter. I’ll be interested in seeing what I can do with it once the axle is broken in :slight_smile:


Only a couple days left for you to get your entries in!

Editing as we speak. Just like last time I made a video, hours of footage most of which is garbage, to distill down into a short video! Getting there, getting there… :wink:

That’s how it goes for everyone :wink:

That’s how it goes for everyone :wink:

That’s how it goes for everyone :wink:

^^ To be precise, that’s how it goes for everyone. :wink:

I’m guessing that’s how it goes for everyone. :slight_smile:

Scrapped my original edit, which is doubling my time. And it’s not like I’m creating a masterpiece or anything; I figure that aside from the contest it’ll give me something for posterity. I can look at it in 10 years and say “Check me out with one of my first fixed-axle videos” and smile. So it’s a keepsake as well as a contest entry. :slight_smile:

I still have two memory cards of junk I have to wipe. Plus, I couldn’t get a thing recorded.

One of the two prize packages.